This is about you. You tell us your wishes - we will implement them.

Google Hotel Ads, Facebook Ads, Trivago, Instagram Ads - there are many possibilities to increase direct bookings via your hotel website. Many placements are generally known, others exist specifically for the travel industry. Choosing the right channels is not static, but dynamic like the market. But which ones are really relevant for you?

In our short survey we want to find out what helps you most to be even more successful.

How does the survey work?

We know your time is valuable and therefore the questionnaire is completed in only 5 minutes. In the survey we limit ourselves to a few predefined placements on which we would like to get your opinion.

- How do you estimate the potential of the placements?

- Would you test these placements?

Your participation is anonymous. However, you have the option of providing your e-mail address at the end of the survey if you are interested in the results.

Take the chance and tell us which placements you would like to see to strengthen your direct sales. Thank you very much for giving 5 minutes of your time!