Liquidity is currently one of the biggest problems of small and medium-sized hotels. Voucher sales generate immediate turnover without the need for instant service. The optimal use of your voucher shop can therefore become an important pillar of your liquidity right now.

Furthermore, no physical contact is necessary for the creation and delivery of vouchers. The payment provider handles the payment, the voucher can be sent automatically as a PDF via e-mail and printed out by the buyer at home. Giving away the gift can also be done contactless, as the buyer forwards the PDF to the presentee.

We have put together 7 helpful tips to make the best use of your voucher shop:

Tip #1: Appeal to the solidarity of the guests

Everyone is aware that the crisis is hitting smaller companies particularly hard and that they are worried about their existence. Be honest with the guests and let them know that voucher purchases are particularly supportive during this time in order to ensure the continued existence of the business.

Tip #2: Create incentive with promotions

Create voucher promotions to encourage guests to buy. Most voucher shops have a promotion management system that can be used to create discount codes. With these codes, for example, the guests receive a voucher worth 100 euros, but only pay half. Or you can offer your vouchers for the value of overnight stays - receive a voucher for 2 nights, pay only one (Note: the difference between the service paid for and the service provided must be correctly entered in the accounts, e.g. with a marketing budget as an adjustment account).

Tip #3: Highlight the advantage of flexible redeemability

Vouchers are very flexible and can usually be redeemed within three years of purchase. This is to the benefit of both guests and hotels in the event of an extension of the restrictions. Please emphasize this advantage.

Tip #4: Include partial services of the stay

In addition to value vouchers or accommodation vouchers, partial services related to the hotel stay can also be offered in the form of vouchers: Massage vouchers, vouchers for a dinner in a restaurant etc. The advantage of these vouchers is, among other things, that they encourage the purchase of other services, above all the actual overnight stay, since they can only be redeemed to a limited extent if the guests come from out of town.

Tip #5: Use the voucher shop also for hotel products

You have individual towels or bathrobes with your hotel logo? You make the jam on the breakfast buffet yourself? Such articles can also be sold via the voucher shop and sent by post. Offer your regular guests the opportunity to feel like on holiday at home with your unique products. In addition you will be remembered by your guests.

Tip #6: Also address potential guests from the surrounding area

These guests may not normally be your target group, but they can certainly help you in a crisis. Also tell people from the region about your voucher campaigns and promote relevant partial services such as vouchers for the Sunday brunch, the regular wine tastings or other events in your house.

Tip #7: Use all marketing channels

You can use your social media channels, your website and your newsletter to advertise the campaign or call for support through voucher purchases. Furthermore, due to the enormous reach, platforms such as HolidayPirates are also suitable (please contact your account manager for this - HolidayPirates currently offers special conditions for hoteliers).

So with our tips, vouchers can definitely help you get through the crisis better. In case you have questions about the implementation or are you just about to set up a voucher shop, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice and practical assistance.