How TikTok Is Changing the Game for the Hospitality Industry

Unlike other popular social media, TikTok is differentiated primarily by the visual experience. While other social media platforms mainly rely on static images and longer text posts, TikTok focuses on entertaining and creative short videos that can be enhanced with music, effects and filters. This unique approach has made the platform a popular destination for the younger generation looking for authentic content. Based on individual user interests, the personalized "For-You-Page" recommends a constantly changing selection of short videos - A unique opportunity for hotels to present themselves authentically and creatively and attract young travellers' attention. 

The more creative your content is, the better! TikTok videos have the potential to go viral in a very short time and have a tremendous reach. Unlike traditional marketing methods, this allows your hotel to reach unexpectedly large audiences. 

Unlocking Your Hotel's TikTok Potential

To start with TikTok, you first need an account, which you can later convert into a business account for free. This will give you access to analytics and audience information. With a business account, you can also link your website and email address to your profile, making it easier to connect with potential guests. Take time to get familiar with the TikTok user interface. Experiment with video creation and many editing features within the app. After learning about TikTok itself, you can focus on how your hotel interacts in the TikTok world. 

TikTok at a glance

Best practices and practical tips 

Maintain authenticity

Authenticity is a crucial factor for a successful presence on TikTok. Users appreciate real content that captures your hotel's true personality and life. Therefore, you should catch authentic stories and moments that reflect your hotel's uniqueness and character. 

Storytelling and Brand Identity

To reinforce your brand identity, you should tell a consistent story that conveys your values, mission, and unique characteristics. By building a memorable brand identity, viewers will remember and perceive you as a unique brand. 


Unleash your creative side and create unique and original content that stands out. Creative videos attract users' attention and can go viral. 


Regularity is crucial to building an engaged and growing follower base on TikTok. This also shows commitment and professionalism and lets viewers know your hotel is active and interested in its community. 

Keep it short

On TikTok, users' attention spans are particularly short. Therefore, it's crucial to keep content straight to the point. Short videos with a clear message resonate better and keep viewers interested. 

How to inspire GenZ 

TikTok is a dynamic platform where trends constantly come and go. We present some current trends and formats you can use for your videos. 

#HotelTour or #RoomTour

Use this opportunity to offer potential guests a glimpse of your room types and their amenities. Users will get a realistic impression of the hotel and can better imagine staying at your hotel. 


Take your guests behind the scenes and give them a peek into the day-to-day operations of your hotel. This might be preparing delicious dishes in the kitchen, decorating rooms for special occasions, or teamwork behind the scenes. In addition to fostering trust, this also shows that you're transparent. 


Inspire your guests for their next stay in your area and provide tips on creating the best experience for their trip. Create videos showcasing the best nearby attractions, restaurants, cultural highlights, or events. 


Travel tips are trendy on TikTok and are an excellent way for you to show off your expertise and share valuable information with potential guests. Provide informative or entertaining insider tips for each destination to position your hotel as a trusted source of travel information.


Build an active and engaged community by encouraging user interaction and creating viral content. Start your challenge and encourage users to make videos about the hotel or a specific activity. 


Do you want to target young audiences and attract them to your hotel? - Then TikTok is the ideal platform for you. With creative content that keeps current trends in mind, you can build a strong presence and engaged community in just a short time. Why wait, then? - It's time to jump on the TikTok bandwagon and get GenZ excited about your hotel!