We are happy to deepen our collaboration with hotelchamp from Amsterdam. Hotelchamp offers a smart personalization solution for your hotel website to enhance guest engagement, to personalize booking experience and boost direct bookings.

This new cooperation aims at helping our mutual customers to increase their direct bookings. Hotelchamp’s conversion technology combined with myhotelshop’s solution becomes the perfect alliance for generating traffic and converting visitors into bookers.

Ullrich Kastner, CEO myhotelshop GmbH: «As we drive great traffic to hotelwebsites to boost direct bookings, conversion is crucial for our success and that of our clients. Hotelchamp has proven to be an efficient tool to increase conversion and therefore ROI’s of our marketing campaigns. »

Kristian Valk, CEO of Hotelchamp, about the new partnership: «The evident synergy between myhotelshop’s solution and Hotelchamp’s conversion technology creates a powerful tool for our customers to increase their direct revenue through the biggest metasearch channels. »

About Myhotelshop:

Founded in 2012 in Leipzig, Germany, Myhotelshop is an online marketing agency specialized in managing CPC campaigns on meta search platforms and Google Adwords. Myhotelshop answers the needs of independent hoteliers who are looking to increase their direct bookings and have more online visibility. Myhotelshop has offices in Leipzig and in Barcelona and counts more than 1600 clients around Europe.

About Hotelchamp:

Hotelchamp was established to boost direct revenue and build guest relations. This award-winning company is successfully providing smart technology for hotel websites to convince visitors to book direct and engage with their guests on a personal level. Already trusted by over 1.000 hotels in more than 35 countries and integrated with more than 50 booking engines worldwide, it’s their ambition to restore a fair balance between direct channels and third parties.