Your Digital Guest Folder is your own hotel app!

We have developed a new website service for you and your guests' needs. With our Digital Guest Folder, you can streamline your workflow, save time and provide better service to your guests - before, during and after their stay.
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Digital Guest Folder as a web app

Your guests are digital!

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About 98 % of your guests are travelling with either a smartphone, a tablet or both. So why not bring your hotel's information to your guests' devices and keep them updated 24/7 - hygienic, touch-free and still personally from you?

With our Digital Guest Folder as a web app, we offer you the opportunity to provide your most important hotel information about the guest's stay in your hotel and also inform the guest with further useful information about the surroundings, leisure activities, and partners.


Your advantages with our Digital Guest Folder:

No app download

Your hotel app is accessible via a URL in a web browser. You can simply place it as an app icon on your phone's home screen.

Easy to link

Since it is not a native app, you can link it anywhere (e.g. QR code, emails, ...) and spread your hotel app to the world and to your guests - before, during and after their stay.

No additional costs for hardware

Your guests bring the hardware they need - a smartphone or tablet. The Digital Guest Folder can also be accessed via desktop.


No more waste from printing out flyers or brochures because they are no longer up to date. In a digital environment, you can change everything quickly and with minimal effort.

The content is up to you

What you present in your app is entirely up to you. You know your guests best andyou know what they are looking for. Of course, we can make suggestions and help you with tips and tricks.

User friendly & clear design

Your guests can easily click through your app, which features a state-of-the-art design. And for you, it is easy to add the content in our Content Management System.

Optimized workflow & improved services

Optimize your workload by bringing your FAQs into your app and combining your personal service with your digital service. Your guests expect digital services, so inspire them with your digital guest portfolio!

Guest information

Always have up-to-date information for your hotel guests. Offers, general hotel information, hygiene standards or the restaurant menu - it's all up to you.

Travel guide

Let your guests know which attractions and events in your area you can recommend. Or give them tips on where they can rent a car or an e-bike. If you have partnerships with other businesses, let them know so they can save money.

Reach out 24/7*

If your reception desk is not always staffed, your guests can access important information 24/7 through your hotel app.


Be accessible by integrating a chat solution into your hotel app.

Highlights & Offers

Make highlights like events more present in your hotel app by using a banner that attracts more attention and makes it more attractive for your guests.


Your guests come from all over the world? Your hotel app is also available for multiple languages and there is no limit to how many languages you can add.

Feedback & Ratings

Get and show feedback from your guests by implementing a rating tool (e.g. Customer Alliance).


Place your menu in the app and give your guests the opportunity to reserve a table.


Do you have any spa appointments available? Let your guests know and give them the option to book one. Or maybe they are completely satisfied with your hotel and would like to come back. With a booking button they can book again directly.

Digital Guest Folder as a web app

We take care of it right from the start.

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Our team will take care of setting up your Digital Guest Folder to save you time. Your expectations are important to us, so we start with a welcome meeting. After that, we know what content we need from you (we can take existing content from your website) and we work hand in hand until your hotel app is ready for publishing.

After that, you will receive a CMS training and can then easily manage your content yourself. Of course, we are always happy to assist you and give you useful tips and tricks. So feel free to ask us.