About Us
Our philosophy
is simple

We believe in helping hotels be present where customers are searching. With expertise and dedication, we strive to connect hotels with their target audience on major online platforms, ensuring potential guests discover their offerings at critical decision-making moments.

History of myhotelshop

Welcome to myhotelshop, a company that began its journey in 2012, driven by a passion for transforming the hospitality industry with innovative solutions for hotels. We take immense pride in our global presence, as it enables us to understand and address the unique needs of hotels across diverse regions.

Over 70 strong and growing

Over the years, our team has grown to include more than 70 talented professionals, operating worldwide.

Your trusted hotel partner for direct revenue growth

We have since grown to become a trusted partner for hoteliers worldwide, offering a range of services focused on unlocking direct revenues for hotels.

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In 2019 myhotelshop joined hands with RateGain, a global leader in hospitality and travel technology.

This opened up new possibilities and allowed us to offer even more cutting-edge solutions to our clients. As we continue on our journey, we remain committed to redefining the possibilities for hotels worldwide. Our team of dedicated professionals is eager to support your hotel's growth and progress. Together, we make a meaningful impact in the hospitality industry.

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Idea born & commitment for funding
January 2012
Myhotelshop founded
July 2013
First hotel live on trivago
January 2015
First full management customer
July 2015
Trivago acquires a 61% stake in myhotelshop
October 2015
Myhotelshop goes live on the Italian, Spanish and French markets
May 2016
First hotel live on Tripadvisor
June 2016
Second office opens in Barcelona
September 2017
Introduction of Google Ads ("Adwords")
December 2017
With CM-Light, Myhotelshop offers a new service model
January 2018
Ulli and employees acquire 51% of Myhotelshop, Trivago now holds 49% of the shares
April 2018
First hotel goes live on Google Hotel Ads
June 2021
Rategain acquisition
June 2022
10 year anniversary
June 2022
Expansion to APAC