1. General Information

1.1 Provider of myhotelshop.de ("Myhotelshop") is myhotelshop GmbH, Floßplatz 6, 04107 Leipzig ("Anbieter").

1.2 Whoever uses myhotelshop free of charge, registers oneself as a user or buys the products of myhotelshop as to the terms of use, is regarded as a user.

1.3. The terms of use are the ground rules for using the service provided by this platform. myhotelshop has the right to update the terms of use at any given time, if requested so by economic or legal reasons.

1.4 The user has no permanent right to use Myhotelshop. A permanent availability of or access to this platform in particular are not an imperative requirement. Yet Myhotelshop endeavors to facilitate uninterrupted usage of the platform and update the platform as to the users requirements.

1.5 Myhotelshop does not warrant completeness, accuracy and availability of the information provided by myhotelshop. Every user who encounters wrong or misleading information is asked to inform myhotelshop.

2. Usage of myhotelshop and implementation of the "virtual property rights"

2.1 Myhotelshop can be used without registration. Some functions and services though can be used by registered members only.

2.2 It is the user's sole responsibility as to which content is being put on myhotelshop. He obligates himself to myhotelshop not to include illegal content.

2.3 The user may not send send copious mails of the same content via Myhotelshop. All kind of spamming or similarly objectionable actions towards other users is prohibited.

2.4 Acces to and usage of myhotelshop is executed individually via one webbrowser. The application of Webspider, Crawler or similar programs with the purpose of not only indexing the content but also extracting and saving large quantities of the platform's content is prohibited. Included are programs in particular that facilitate offers and services of a third party via the so-called Screenscraping.

2.5 A user's breach of these terms of use qualifies myhotelshop to apply the virtual property rights. The user in question may be excluded from using the service, and the utilized content might be erased. myhotelshop will prosecute a legitimate claim to omission and compensation.

3. User's Account

3.1 Users have the possibility to create an account for the usage of specific tools. The registration might also be carried out via an existing account on a social network, where the user is already registered.

4. Liability for a third party

4.1 The website also contains some links to a third party website whose content is not known to Myhotelshop. myhotelshop merely procures the access to these websites and is not responsible for their content. The links to external websites are to facilitate their navigation. myhotelshop does not appropriate, but dissociates itself completely from all the content that is presented on the third party websites which are linked to this platform.

4.2 The owners of the websites, which are connected to this platform via a hyperlink, are solely responsible for their content as well as for their offered products.

5. Copyright

5.1 The content offered by myhotelshop is protected by copyright. The usage of the content is subject to the effective copyright. This website may not be altered, copied, published, distributed or retained without the consent of myhotelshop. The material may exclusively be used for private and noncommercial purposes in strict consideration of the effective copyright.

6. Data Protection

6.1 More information concerning data protection and data security can be found in the data protection statement of Myhotelshop.

7. Final Regulation

7.1 The General Terms and Conditions Act is based on the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

7.2 The validity of the terms of use remains unquestioned, even if some invalid or incomplete regulations should exist or arise.