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Get the most out of your data with our comprehensive analytics service. Track visitors, gain insights into their journey, and analyse marketing effectiveness for improvements.

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Analytics for data-driven decision making

We go beyond standard analytics, we offer the power of cross-domain tracking to revolutionise your data insights. By seamlessly connecting your Independent Booking Engine (IBE) with your website, vouchers, tools, and even table reservations, we ensure a holistic view of your guests' interactions. This enables us to track the entire customer journey, from website visit to final booking, providing data that fuels your marketing strategies. In addition to better understanding your guests' behaviour, cross-domain tracking helps you make more informed decisions.

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Discover the potential of data driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is at the core of our analytics offering, and we're here to help your hotel achieve its limitless potential. Armed with the insights from our advanced analytics, we optimise your marketing campaigns to perfection. We delve into the numbers, analyse user behavior, and identify opportunities for targeting and personalisation. Our approach ensures that your campaigns reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Your personal guide to data clarity

We understand that navigating the world of analytics can be overwhelming, which is why we offer you a dedicated Account Manager as your personal guide. Your Account Manager is not just a data expert but also a teacher, helping you decipher the numbers and gain clarity in the report jungle. From understanding key metrics to interpreting trends, your Account Manager equips you with the knowledge and confidence to make data-driven decisions that drive your hotel's success.

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