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Metasearch for Hotel Chains

Next Level Hotel Chain Service

Your hotel website should be your most profitable distribution channel. We find the right metasearch placements for you, we take care of the set up process and successfully optimize your campaigns on Google, Trivago & TripAdvisor while you have your results at a glance in our centralised interface.
We find the right placements for your target group. We take care of the installation and successfully otpimize your campaigns.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keep track of your hotels' results from our reporting interface.


No need to waste time changing CPCs, our automated bidding solution takes care of everything for you.


Manage your budgets across placements, time and performance all from one place.
You always have a personal account manager at your side whose experience will guide your success.

Why should you
work with us?

At myhotelshop we have it all: the technology and the service. So you can relax and focus your time to other aspects of your business.

Your all-in-one Solution

A powerful solution for bidding, reporting, budget management and connectivity in one centralised interface.

Personal Account Manager

A dedicated account manager is always at your side. Regular optimisation meetings ensure the success of your campaigns.

Connect All Relevant Platforms

With just one partnership, connect to every relevant metasearch platform like Google Hotel Ads, Trivago or TripAdvisor.

Individual Invoicing

We offer performance-based or fixed compensation for our services. Click budget, one-time set-up and the monthly fee can be charged either as a chain or to the individual hotels.

Detailed Reporting

Keep track of your results - overall or on hotel level - with all important KPIs in our detailed reporting interface.

Metasearch Specialists

Your hotels' campaigns are backed by our teams of experienced metasearch specialists to continously enhance your performance.

Find your perfect business model

Tailored Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

  • Tailored to your portfolio size

    Tailored to the type of properties

    Flexible pricing

Choose one of the myhotelshop packages for extended service

  • Campaign Management Light

    Campaign Management

    Full Management

Some satisfied Clients

An automated and centralised
bid management solution

Our bid management takes care of everything. You just select your platforms and budgets. By setting your maximum distribution cost, you can define your cost tolerance and set a target for our algorithms.



time saved on bidding



average increase in bookings



average ROI increase

Campaign setup

We take care of the setup for the marketing campaigns to make sure to target the right guests.
  • Campaign creation
  • Budget setting
  • Market targeting

Initial bid, live time &
data collection

Your campaigns are now ready to go live and generate direct bookings for your hotels.

Our automation kicks in

No need for you to adjust manually in any way. Our automation does the work so that you can focus on your business.
  • Visibility monitoring
  • KPI monitoring
  • Performance data analysis
  • Multiplier adjustment
  • Bid adjustment
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Have a clear view of your results:
Our management portal

Innovative budget

Manage your budgets across placements, time and performance like never before. No other platform enables you to control your budgeting in so detailed and effective ways. With spending caps, monthly plans and automatic budget allocation functionalities.

Precise cost control through
deactivation settings of placements

Performance Based Spending Caps

Hotels never tell their OTAs to stop selling because commission costs are high why turn off marketing campaigns? Thanks to our deactivation settings, you can set a target and let the campaigns run. Campaigns will turn off automatically if your results are not reaching your targets.

Automatic Performance Budget Refill

Refill  your budget based on performance. As long as your campaigns reach your desired target levels in the last 30 (or 90 days), our system can automatically refill the placement’s budget to make sure successful campaigns never go offline.

Monthly Budget Refill Schedule

Plan your hotel’s budget refills by scheduling the amounts in advance. With this setting, the overall hotel budget is automatically refilled on the first day of every month with your desired amount and is spent across placements according to traffic generated.

Weekly and Monthly Spending Caps

Control your spend on a weekly and monthly base by setting spending caps for your campaigns.