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Take responsibility from the first day on and take the status quo into question. Become an expert in your field!
Take responsibility from the first day on and take the status quo into question. Become an expert in your field!
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Working at myhotelshop

We are looking for people who share our passion for the best solutions and help us find answers.

The platform, founded in January 2012, aims to sustainably increase the direct business of hotels. Via an intuitive interface, hotels and hotel chains can directly book click budgets for all relevant direct booking placements. Myhotelshop offers high-quality placements on platforms such as Trivago, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Google, Holidaycheck, Wellness-Heaven and other travel portals. The focus is on the "return on investment". As said by Founder and CEO Ullrich Kastner, "It must be easy for the hotelier and bring direct bookings, it should save the hotelier time". In order for this to be as transparent as possible, myhotelshop offers the hotels a comprehensive success reporting and even telephone tracking.

In the marketing shop, myhotelshop focuses more on the metasearch topic and the successful marketing of hotel websites on major hotel search engines such as trivago, tripadvisor, kayak, swoodoo, holidaycheck etc. The hotelier can manage everything himself or in the form of campaign management by outsourcing the optimization of the placements to the professionals at myhotelshop. Myhotelshop offers a lot of other sensible supplements for hotels with the offer of website creation, an online legal consultation or an e-commerce workshop to build up their own e-commerce competence at the hotel.


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