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Our customers implement our systems successfully every day and experience how quickly their sales increase with myhotelshop products.
Our customers implement our systems successfully every day and experience how quickly their sales increase with myhotelshop products.
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Benjamin Rostan
MyHotelShop handles and manage Meta Search campaigns for around 20 hotels and also search campaigns for 2 of these hotels. MyHotelShop is a reliable partner who is quick, flexible and efficient to provide solution for our needs. Results differ according to the hotels even if that is of course also linked to the product more than the campaign management. Most of our hotels experienced an increase of visitors and conversions and for a few of them the impact is very impressive.
Al Cason, Padova
Alessandro Salmaso
For some years now I have chosen myhotelshop to manage my pay per click campaigns. It has proved to be an agile and effective tool. The investments can be calibrated at will and the ROI can be evaluated through simple and clear reports. Each choice can be taken autonomously directly from the extranet, or using the advice of a dedicated tutor who has always proven to be available. I recommend it, for those who want to start investing in CPC and for those who already do it, but have no time to devote to the campaign management.
Trafo Hotel, Baden
Martina Maier
The support always answers promptly, friendly and professionally. The consultation is proactive and the reporting in the Extranet understandable. One gets informed about current trends and can get additional advice on questions beyond the booked campaign. Thanks to the ´brand campaign via the Ads we could increase the number of direct bookings on our website. The visibility on the channels relevant to us has been significantly improved which has also resulted in an increase of direct bookings. Completely satisfied - this goes for all three hotels for 4 years.
Seaside Park Hotel, Leipzig
Nicole Rieschel
I gladly hand over this area to experienced hands without losing sight of the topic. A regular exchange of numbers and facts keep me informed. Furthermore I appreciate the fast response time with open questions and requests. Without myhotelshop the percentage share of direct bookings would be significantly lower.
King's Hotels, München
Valentin Reyher
So far my experiences with myhotelshop have been consistently positive. The employees are engaged and professional. One can really tell that the client is being worked for. The overall turnover of the hotels could on average be increased by 15% in the last two years with moderate capital expenditure. Our ADR has increased by 10%.
Hotel Berliner Hof, Kiel
Peter Böhm
The dynamic support of the myhotelshop Team has perfectly coordinated our online activities and the advertising budget has been capitalized nearly optimal. The ROI has improved significantly and a higher click rate can also be detected considerably.
Bavaria Boutique Hotel, München
Bernd Gronbach
Our cooperation with myhotelshop works very well. Our people of contact are friendly and professional. We are very happy with our commercial partnership and the results. The online bookings on our website have increased by approx. 30%. Our expenses for online marketing though have not increased. This is an excellent result I get to enjoy repeatedly.
Centrale de Prestations Hôtelières - CPH Global, Lyon
Clément Lorentz
We started our collaboration about two years ago with Myhotelshop. They manage our metasearch campaigns accurately and regularly and provide personalized monthly reports frequently to justify their actions. In addition, Myhotelshop adapts to the market and internal events of the hotels to recommend the actions to be implemented. Thanks to Sandra for her follow-up and professionalism. Globally, our direct bookings increase by about 25 to 30% in the year of the campaigns, then from 10 to 15% in the second year. Our presence on the Internet has therefore grown strongly and allows us to improve our profitability thanks to savings of OTAs commissions.
Hotel Venezia, Malcesine (Verona)
Eleonora Mazzoldi
The beginning of my collaboration with myhotelshop came from the suggestion of one of our partners. We wanted to disintermediate sales through new direct channels (adwords and metasearch). I was supported from the beginning and with continuity by the consultant Mrs. Nicole, who follows me with availability, reliability and kindness. In a short period time the campaigns have been activated and already in the first year we have seen good results, which can be constantly monitored thanks to their extranet. The campaign has doubled the direct visits to our webpage compared to the previous year, saving us a big part of commissions we were paying to the OTA.
Hotel Victory Therme, Erding
Gudrun Martin
The cooperation with myhotelshop is very pleasant. The people of contact work professionally, are friendly, work together with and consult the client. I would repatedly decide to work with this agency. We have significantly increased our lodgings revenue (7-10%), and this continuously for 4 years since the opening. The target-oriented distribution of requests via trivago, the handling of the backlink budgets via an optimal CPC and the repeatedly optimized Google Ads campaigns have lead us to new record results each month.
Hotel Lovere Resort & Spa, Lovere (Bergamo)
Orietta Casali
We have found the company myhotelshop via another supplier and must say that it has been the right choice considering that they have immediately understood our needs and did not take them long to set up the right campaigns for us on meta search as well as on Google. The results have come in almost immediately and having a constant support not only via extranet which is a great and easy to understand tool but more over a real person you can get hold of at any time if you have any queries or problems they are right there waiting to be of some use to you.
Hotel Servatius, Köln
Markus Schlosser
For us the Full Management Service stands out due to its reliability, high expertise, as well as flexibility and creativity. We were able to observe a significant increase of bookings via our own website due to a combination of optimization recommendations for a conversion increase and marketing activities.
Romantik Hotel Gravenberg, Langenfeld
Frank Lohmann
We have been managed and consulted by Mr. Kastner and his team within the Full Management since 2017 and are most satisfied with the results. Within two years we were able to triple our direct sales via our own website and stabilize our total costs under 10%. Now, the website is our strongest and at the same time most profitable online sales channel.
Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth
Volker Beduhn
myhotelshop supports us in the digital world. The talks are always constructive and goal-oriented. Our online sales have increased. We see an increase in online bookings and we are making sure that this can be optimized even further.
Hotel i31, Berlin
Zeèv Rosenberg
We experience a good support and monitoring via the the digital world. The conversations are always constructive and productive. Our Online sales have increased. We have an increase of Online bookings and are working on optimizing these even further.
Leipziger Hof Innsbruck & Basic Hotel Innsbruck
Andreas Perger
Mr. Kastner and his team have successfully accompanied us on our way to a better direct marketing and realized professional actions in the process. We are convinced that we will continue to have positive numbers, meaning added value, in the future with myhotelshop.
Hotel Josef, Prag
Manfred Tobolka
Since I started to work with myhotelshop in 2014, my direct bookings have significantly increased. I am very happy with the results: marketing campaigns are less than 10% cost and generate more than 30% of my website bookings. They are not only managing campaigns but also consulting about website and IBE.
Hafenresidenz Stralsund
Uwe Colberg
We created a new website as part of the full management of myhotelshop. Both the support during the preparation and the final result are extremely satisfactory for us. Well, in the ongoing support, myhotelshop controls our campaigns on the platforms and we see our online direct sales grow steadily. We feel very well looked after and advised.
Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe, Bad Emstal
Stefan Frankfurth
The cooperation is very professional and reliable. Especially the consideration of individual topics and contents is very good. The excellent reporting always ensures a very good overview of the current measures and actions. The improvement in Internet marketing performance is impressive: a 30% drop in the number of visitors to the site, a triple turnover per user, and a 60% share in online bookings via their own website.
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