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From hoteliers for hoteliers. Together for your success.

Our customers use our systems successfully every day and experience how quickly their revenue with myhotelshop products increase.
Our customers use our systems successfully every day and experience how quickly their turnover with myhotelshop products increases.

From hoteliers for hoteliers

Offices in Leipzig & Barcelona

More than 150 partners

Over 2500 active customers

Goals & history

Myhotelshop GmbH, founded in 2012, aims to expand the direct sales of hotels and to increase their profitability sustainably. We enable hotels with their own official hotel website to be present where customers are looking for hotels: In addition to classic search engines such as Google, this includes price comparison sites for hotels such as Google hotel Ads, trivago, kayak or tripadvisor ("Metasearch Websites"). Myhotelshop supports the hoteliers with the technical Setup and actively manages the online marketing campaigns, which saves our customers time and also significantly increases campaign success.


Idea born & commitment for funding

Myhotelshop founded

Jan. 2012
July 2013

First hotel live on trivago

First full management customer

Jan. 2015
July 2015

Trivago acquires a 61% stake in myhotelshop

myhotelshop goes live on the Italian, Spanish and French markets

Oct. 2015
May 2016

First hotel live on tripadvisor

Second office opens in Barcelona

June 2016
Sep. 2017

Introduction of Google Ads ("Adwords")

With CM-Light, myhotelshop offers a new service model

Dec. 2017
Jan. 2018

Ulli and employees acquire 51% of MHS, Trivago now holds 49% of the shares

First hotel goes live on Google Hotel Ads

April 2018
June 2018

Moving into the new office at Floßplatz in Leipzig

Market entry in the USA

Jan. 2019
Sep. 2019

More than 50 employees

... to be continued


General Manager &
Executive Vice President AdTech

Ullrich Kastner

Vice President Operations

Ronnie Jahraus

Corporate culture & values

Two of our most important values are trust & honesty: not only in the internal exchange with each other, but also in the communication with our customers. That is why we act transparently and offer our customers monthly access to all important information and key figures.