May 9, 2019
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Now DIRS21 customers also get to enjoy Google Hotel Ads via myhotelshop

The hotel ad placement on Google is the current hype and now we can also offer DIRS21 customers a connection with Google Hotel Ads (former Google hotel finder) as well.

How is my hotel visible on Google?

Within the hotel’s Google My Business entry your website price appears in direct price comparison with the OTAs and other providers. The user enters the hotel name via the classical search field on Google and the Google Ads, organic results as well as the hotel’s My Business entry are displayed. It contains photos, contact details, reviews and the price comparison. This is exactly where the prices of your hotel website could be shown as well and the user could be forwarded directly to your own booking process.

The second possible display of Google Hotel Ads happens via the search for generic keywords. If for example someone enters “Hotel Hamburg” then all hotel offers for Hamburg incl. a price comparison will be displayed in the overview. With a direct link the prices of your hotel’s website can also be shown at this point. Especially new customers can be acquired with this type of generic search.

How can my hotel be a part of this?

After the technical setup we will activate your direct link and our experienced campaign managers will place your campaign optimally in the price comparison. We work with a click budget the same as with trivago and tripadvisor. A management via CPC allows us an exact optimization of the campaigns in the various markets. And as always you will be able to monitor your results with our reporting.

You want more information about Google Hotel Ads?

Ulli Kastner summarizes all important information in our descriptive online seminar. Please click here to watch it: