September 15, 2021
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Sitejet vs. WordPress - for myhotelshop a very clear choice

Starting with the basics of the website creation process, some serious differences between the two applications already become clear here: While WordPress is a pure CMS (Content Management System) and requires a variety of different external tools for the design, website management and hosting of a site, Sitejet provides all functions in one system - from content collection, to-do lists, feedback requests to the creation of the website and the customer portal with form entries.

Another problematic aspect of using WordPress is the infrastructure of the CMS. Since the platform was originally developed for publishing blog posts, the prerequisites for a flexible and simple website setup are missing here. 

In addition, the integration of various plugins is often necessary when using WordPress. These plugins are small add-ons, so to speak, that extend the functionality of your website. For example, you could integrate a graphics plugin that gives you the ability to display a photo gallery on your WordPress website. The risk here, however, is that some of these plugins could negatively affect each other and thus crash your website. An absolute no-go!

This can happen especially if WordPress or the installed plugins need to be updated and compatibility problems arise. 

This brings us directly to the next point: no coding is necessary to create and design a website with Sitejet. The system comes with a so-called "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor out of the box. This means that the website can be designed very easily, without JavaScript or HTML, but by drag-and-drop. A huge relief for all non-coders among you. Coding lovers of course still have the possibility to work in the code of the website at any time. For WordPress, on the contrary, working without coding is almost unthinkable. Even when using templates, individual code adjustments and changes to the responsive behavior of the website are usually necessary. This has two major disadvantages: first, this requires expertise in programming and usually causes additional costs. On the other hand, the page only runs error-free if the code is error-free as well. If this is not the case, the loading time of the page may increase. In the worst case, a code error can even cause the entire page to no longer appear correctly. There is also a greater risk of security breaches and changes to the website are made more difficult.

Furthermore, the two systems differ in their application possibilities. While WordPress is only designed for one website and multi-site systems must first be configured manually, Sitejet comes with such a clear multi-site system already. In addition, websites can be sorted according to their different editing states and come very close to the agile workflow. 

There is also a need for optimization on the part of WordPress in terms of security: Due to the use of plugins, security deficits arise. The reason for this is that almost everyone is allowed to offer plugins without an official security check. 

In contrast to WordPress sites, Sitejet all websites are SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer" = protocol that ensures that you can transfer data with an encrypted connection on the Internet) encrypted by default and better protected against hacker attacks.


Sitejet is a flexible content management system for creating multiple websites and integrated customer portals. It is therefore perfectly suited for agencies. Also the creation of own templates is optimized. Only the connection of external interfaces is sometimes not as easy as desired. But you don't have to worry about updates and backups. 

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but Sitejet is closer to the flexible and uncomplicated website creation process than WordPress. 

Sitejet vs WordPress

The Managed Website Service team at myhotelshop has definitely made their choice - they work with Sitejet. If you would like to know more or are interested in a website for your hotel, take a look at our website HERE or contact our team using the contact form below.