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Social media has become an essential pillar of a hotel's marketing strategy. Our team of experts can help you to determine the best social networks to use, whether to target new or existing customers and what creative campaigns will get the best response.

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Elevate Your Online Presence

With billions of users active on various social media platforms, these channels have become goldmines for reaching your target audience. By investing in paid social media, you can amplify your hotel's online presence and connect with potential guests like never before.

Bespoke Advertising for Your Hotel

Whether it's engaging carousel ads to showcase your stunning rooms or captivating video ads to tell your hotel's story, we craft customised advertisements that resonate with your audience and drive engagement. Hotel social media campaigns crafted with our personalised approach will stand out and leave lasting impressions, converting potential guests into returning guests.

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Leveraging the
Power of Data

Data empowers us to optimise your campaigns continuously, ensuring your budget is spent efficiently. By understanding your audience's preferences, we can precisely target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, maximising your reach and engagement. It also allows us to retarget users with personalised and relevant ads, guiding potential guests back to your hotel's virtual doorstep. 

We use Advanced Audience Targeting

Our advanced algorithm works behind the scenes, analysing your bid, projected action outcomes, and ad quality based on audience feedback. This ensures that the right ad reaches the right audience, creating a seamless and effective connection tailored just for you.

Core Audience

Selects an audience based on relevant characteristics like demographic, location, interests, and behaviours.

Lookalike Audience

Uses information about your best customers to find people with similar interests and characteristics.

Meta Remarketing

Re-engage your website visitors and booking engine abandoners with targeted static and dynamic ads


Why is social media advertising important for hotels?

Social media platforms have vast user bases. Advertising on these platforms allows hotels to reach potential guests directly, fostering brand awareness, engagement, and driving direct bookings.

What is the difference between organic posts and paid ads on social media?

Organic posts are regular content you share with your followers without any advertising budget. Paid ads, on the other hand, are promoted to a wider, targeted audience and involve an advertising spend.

What kind of content works best for hotel social media ads?

Visual content like high-quality images, videos, or virtual tours of your property often performs best. Showcase unique selling points of your hotel, such as amenities, special packages, or guest testimonials.

How can I measure the success of my social media advertising campaigns?

Metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, engagement rate, and overall return on ad spend are crucial. Using tools like Facebook Insights or Google Analytics can help track performance.

How does user engagement on social ads benefit my hotel?

High engagement (likes, shares, comments) boosts the visibility of your ad, creating a snowball effect. It also fosters a sense of community and trust around your brand.

Which social media platforms are best for hotel advertising?

It depends on your target audience. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram are universally popular, others like LinkedIn might be suitable for business hotels or conference venues. It's crucial to identify where your potential guests spend most of their time.

How do I target my ideal guest with social media ads?

Social media platforms offer detailed targeting options, including age, location, interests, behaviours, and more. For instance, you can target users who have shown interest in travel or those who have visited your website before (retargeting).

What's the average cost of advertising on social media for hotels?

The cost varies based on platform, audience targeting, competition, and ad format. Most platforms operate on a Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression model. It's essential to monitor and adjust campaigns to ensure a good return on investment.

Can I run special offers or discounts through social media ads?

Absolutely! Social media is a great platform to promote special deals, packages, or limited-time offers. These can drive direct bookings and create a sense of urgency among potential guests.

Should I consider influencer partnerships along with social media ads?

Influencers can provide a wider reach and lend credibility to your brand, especially in niches like travel and lifestyle. Combining influencer promotions with paid social media campaigns can amplify results.

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