September 12, 2021
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Web 2.0: Our guide for your success on social media


#1: The right name

The basis for your social media presence is first of all the right name for your account. Choose a unique name, ideally your hotel or company name, so that your prospects can easily find you. Ideally, you should use the same name on all platforms.

Example of an expressive Instagram profile of our client Hotel Hafen Hamburg

#2: Mission statement

What many people forget, but is essential, is to consider at the beginning what goal you are pursuing with the use of social media channels. It is best to formulate this and define your personal mission statement: 

"We are on [social media channel] for [purpose], which brings us [goal]."

Also ask yourself which platform is most profitable for you, i.e. where you can best reach your (potential) guests or where participation is highest.

#3: Potential content

To fill your profile with life, you should initially think about a content strategy. As a general rule, always coordinate the topics of all channels and avoid contradictions.

  • Information about the hotel (e.g. facilities, activities in/around the hotel, culinary delights)
  • User generated content e.g. reviews, photos, videos, etc.
  • Promotional content e.g. deals or offers
  • Information from institutions e.g. contributions from industry associations
  • Content from influencers
Examples of user-friendly content

As a rough guideline, each of the above-mentioned topic complexes should take up about 20% of your profile.

#4: Editorial calendar

If you have many channels, you can quickly lose track of which content should be posted where and when. Our tip: Create an editorial calendar. This can also be a simple table. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to plan your posts carefully and, above all, in the long term. If possible, include all platforms in order to ensure consistent communication with the outside world.

#5: Private groups

To give your subscribers a VIP feeling, setting up groups can be beneficial. Offer members of your group exclusive content that is only for you. This way you strengthen the bond with your customers. 

It is a good idea to classify these groups, for example according to interests. Potential topics could be wellness, activities or culinary. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to share special offers or promotions with your followers.

#6: Communication with customers & partners

Make your guests aware of your presence in social media. You are wondering how? It's quite simple: use your newsletter, refer to your accounts in a personal conversation or add a reference on your website as well as on all your print media. 

Working with partners can also have a very positive effect. These can additionally increase your reach and bring a decisive advantage: the users of your partners already show interest in your industry and thus represent potential new customers. For example, enter into partnerships with restaurants, destinations or other hotels.

#7: Addressing your target group

As with all your communication measures, you should also ensure that you address your target group appropriately when using social media. Pictures and videos that show your target group are particularly suitable. However, avoid generalisations. Especially when choosing your channel, you should check whether it is suitable for addressing your target group (e.g. average age of Facebook users).

Also consider how you can involve your users and offer them opportunities to participate, e.g. through surveys, competitions etc. 

Sample posts to activate and increase interaction of the target group

#8: Likes, Shares & Comments

Be active! Of course you are happy about likes, shares and comments on your own profile. But to be able to use the platforms effectively, it is at least as important to be active yourself. After all, this is also the way users of the media become aware of you. 

Do not forget to react to the comments under your posts. In addition to regularly posting your own content, social media always means actively cultivating your community. Yes, this is time-consuming, but it is worth staying up to date.


To be successful with social media, the first step is to take stock. Begin by answering the question of what overall goal you want to pursue with social media and consider what you can and want to show your subscribers. 

Furthermore, you should clearly define your target group of guests and find out on which channel or channels you can best reach them. 

However, always keep your capacities in mind when planning. Efficient use of the platforms involves a lot of time and also requires a certain degree of flexibility, as the media are constantly changing. If possible, you should also plan for resources to evaluate your activities. This is the only way to optimise your posts and increase your reach in the long term. A motivated start is of no use if you run out of steam in the long run. So clarify at the beginning how much resources you can devote to channel maintenance. 

If you have adapted your presence according to your target group, paid ads and influencer marketing could also become interesting for you in the future. 

Last but not least: stay up to date. Social media channels are constantly reinventing themselves. Innovative features are added almost weekly. You should be aware of these possibilities - and use them - to exploit the full potential for your hotel. You don't want to go down this road alone? No problem, contact us.