March 9, 2021
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Google introduces free organic listing for Hotel Ads: One extra reason to be live on Google Hotel Ads

What is this all about?

If a hotel is already doing Google Hotel Ads campaigns and therefore is visible with their direct link on the paid section, Google is now giving them the opportunity to be visible twice: in the price feed that we know so far plus in an organic price listing. 

The full launch will happened on the 9th of March.

Where exactly can I see the new additional listing?

The new section is located right below the paid one, on the Google Hotel Ads price display after clicking on “view more rates”. 
When the user then decides for a link, they will be redirected to the booking engine of the website - just the way as it is today.

Why is this new feature important?

This new section is providing double exposure for your hotel. This leads to additional traffic for no extra costs. 
Furthermore, this creates opportunities for hotels to be displayed with their direct link at least on the organic listing while using very low bids for Google Hotel Ads.

How does it work exactly?

There are no costs involved with this new feature.*
Paid listings will continue to appear in ad slots and will operate in the same way as it does today. 

If the hotel is already doing Google Hotel Ads campaigns, there is no additional step to take for getting this new feature. It is also important to know that the visibility of the organic slot is independent of the bidding i.e. if the base bid applied in the paid Google Hotel Ads campaign is extremely low, the organic listing is still shown.


Google is giving the hotel’s direct link the opportunity to be displayed not only on the paid price listing but also on a new organic one. Thanks to the double listing the hotel can take up more space as an advertiser. So it will help increase your overall visibility. Even competing with the OTAs, you now have the opportunity of being more present.

You have questions around the new feature or Google Hotel Ads in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

* In the initial version of this blog posts we had written that a hotel has to be live with a paid Google Hotel Ads campaign for it to be displayed in the organic link section. After another round of detailed talks with Google, this is theoretically possible without a paid ad.