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Hotel Arnica Scuol

A haven of tranquillity in the Engadine mountains

Let's take a closer look at the Hotel Arnica Scuol, a superior 3 star hotel nestled amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Engadine mountain landscape. The adults-only hotel offers a wide range of wellness services in an impressive setting of modern architecture.

The beautiful pine wood ellipse house "Dschember'' merges with the nature that surrounds it, giving the guest an immersive experience with their 360-degree view roof terrace and a panoramic view breakfast room and patio. It also features 12 superior double rooms and 1 superior suite, as well as a lounge with fireplace, wellness area, massages, and relaxation area. In the building "La Funtana", which is inspired by mineral water and the Spa tradition of Scuol, there are 10 economy rooms, 3 premium rooms, 6 deluxe rooms, and 1 industrial room. Furthermore, there is a yoga and seminar room, a ski room, and direct access to the underground parking.

A natural collaboration

The collaboration between the Hotel Arnica in Scuol and myhotelshop began in 2018. At that time, the hotel decided to use our Campaign Management service level support with the aim of increasing direct sales. This involved integrating the hotel's website and booking engine into popular meta search engine platforms such as Tripadvisor, Google Hotel Ads and Trivago. On these platforms, not only guests from Switzerland were fetched, but also guests from neighbouring countries by targeting other target markets. In parallel to the meta search engines, we worked with the hotel to ensure that it was also displayed as the first result in Google searches. By using Google Adwords, we have ensured that & Co. no longer receive 90% of the clicks, but that they are directed directly to the hotel's website. As a result of these measures, we were able to achieve sales in the six-digit range in the first year, while distribution costs were less than 8%.

In the second year of the cooperation, the hotel decided to make the leap to full management. The change to this service level was primarily motivated by holistic consulting in terms of e-commerce and website. At that time, the Hotel Arnica in Scuol was faced with important decisions about which tools or partners to integrate. We were able to recommend one or the other partner or share our expertise on various e-commerce tools through our network. 

The main task of our full managers is to keep an eye on the development of the hotel's website and to strengthen direct sales in the right places. In a performance review, we examined the share of website sales in total online sales, among other things. We already had 79% of this share when we started full management at the end of 2019. In the following year, it was 93%, and one year later, at the end of 2021, it was 97%. The strong position of the hotel website was consolidated through steady expansion of the marketing campaigns. In this way, especially in the SEA area with Google Adwords and later also with Microsoft Ads campaigns, we were able to displace & Co. and have almost all guests book directly through the hotel's website. In addition to the website's share of total turnover increasing, the website's turnover as a whole has also sharply increased. For example, website turnover in 2021 was three times as high as it was in 2019. With an average cost ratio of less than 6%, this meant that a large part of the distribution costs could be saved.

The cooperation between Hotel Arnica and myhotelshop went hand in hand. In regular meetings, the results of the past period were discussed on the one hand and the strategic orientation for the next weeks or months on the other. Thus, not only a successful cooperation developed, but also a strong bond between the hotel and the responsible full manager. This is one of the factors behind myhotelshop's success: through our intensive 1:1 support we meet our customers at eye level, and make the leap from service provider to hotel’s partner. 

How we work

In our campaign management our customers have a personal contact person who manages the ads on Google, leads direct links to meta searches to success and has regular exchanges with the hotels to discuss the results and optimisation possibilities of their campaigns.

In full management, the contact person advises the hotel on all aspects of online marketing. Our e-commerce expert is there for our clients both by phone and on site. We take care of the connection of their website to the major price comparison platforms and ensure their successful appearance in meta searches and Google through intelligent, permanent monitoring and management. We know exactly what makes a hotel website successful, and optimise and develop a shiny appearance for an optimal booking experience