December 20, 2021
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“I love working with hotels”

Doreen, what is the first thing you check for your hotels when you start working?

When I boot up my laptop in the morning, I check my clients’ visibility on the metas. That is, are the hotels listed first on Google, Tripadvisor and Trivago? And of course with the best price. I also check: 

How many impressions did the hotel have in the last few days?

How many clicks does the hotel get?

What is the average CPC?

What is the hotel’s current spend?

I also take a look at the current booking volume, so what bookings have come in for which hotels. I also check individually why there are more bookings for some hotels and fewer for others – and above all why.

And what do you enjoy most about your work as a campaign manager?

I just love working with hotels. The mutual exchange and sharing of experiences fulfils me in the sense that it enriches my work as a campaign manager and, on the other hand, it also suits my personality to exchange ideas with people, to ask questions and to analyse.

What is the most challenging thing about your work as a campaign manager?

We campaign managers look after very many – and above all very different – hotels. Paying equal attention to all the hotels is the most challenging thing for me. You have to be able to identify and solve problems in good time. Of course, we work internally across departments. This means that I often need the support of my colleagues from the connectivity team, the IT department or even the product team when it comes to new features in our tools that affect the hotel. Sometimes I also liaise with the sales team again, who had the initial contact with the hotel and can offer me their support thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge.

What is particularly important to you in your work with hotels?

Our joint cooperation and an open and honest exchange. The more I know about a hotel, its goals and wishes, approaches and working methods, the better I can respond to them in my work as a campaign manager.

Now back to you – what was your professional relationship with the hotel and tourism industry before myhotelshop?

I completed a one-year internship in a hotel and then followed it up with a three-year apprenticeship as a hotel manager. Since I was equally fascinated and interested in the industry, I invested another three years in a dual tourism degree programme in Berlin. This combination brought me to myhotelshop in 2016.

What do you like so much about your work in the hotel and tourism industry?

The variety of hotels and the people behind them. Every hotel has its own story, and so does every person behind it – and so does my work as a campaign manager for these hotels.

What’s more, there are countless opportunities to get involved in our industry and to realize your potential. Take me for example, who trained as a hotel manager and now works as a campaign manager in online marketing. That’s great!

Where do you see the hotel and tourism industry in ten years?

Digitalization is, of course, the top topic in our industry. In the hotels themselves, when working with guests, but also the entire hotel management system and our work in online marketing. There will be more and more processes that no longer need a “human” experience. I’m very excited about what the future holds.

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