May 18, 2021
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Modern, flexible and up to the latest standards: Discover our new website templates

We introduce you to 3 of our conversion-boosting templates: 


Optimal booking experience:

A hotel website has one main goal: generating bookings. For this reason, we have designed all templates according to the "conversion-centred design". 

For example, they all have in common that a static header allows the users of your website to keep all essential content permanently in view. The booking widget also remains in the user's field of vision to ensure quick and uncomplicated reservations. 

The use of images, icons and typographical structuring of the content supports the booking experience in the best way and highlights important information.

Landing pages for special topics or SEA campaigns:

You want to create a landing page easily? No problem! With our new templates, you can create individual landing pages quickly and easily. You can either create them yourself or have us develop them for you.

SEO Optimization

Our websites offer all the technical prerequisites for search engine optimization. This is how we ensure the best visibility on the web.

Furthermore, we are currently working on an additional SEO+ package to be able to offer you even more detailed SEO optimization in the future.

The templates in detail:


The new SQUARE template is ideal for addressing your potential guests on an emotional level. The focus is on professional photos with text reduced to the essentials. 

The distinct visual component can be used to specifically convince customers of the hotel's facilities and services. 

The elements of the start page always fill the entire width of the screen, while the contents of the sub-pages take up 85% of the screen.

front page in the SQUARE template
sub-page in the SQUARE template

The SQUARE template also has numerous varying image-text combinations. Content boxes with background images and transparent colour overlay are particularly striking. The colour overlay makes texts placed on the image easier to read.

Content boxes with colour overlay (maximum 4 boxes next to each other)

For whom is the template particularly suitable?

The design is ideal for individual and chain hotels.

#2: BE.COME:

The BE.COME template, on the other hand, is a one-pager that was created in the style of the "" hotel page. The focus here is on the clear presentation of all relevant facts about your hotel.

One Pager in the BE.COME style

With this template, the user gets more detailed information through pop-up windows. 

For whom is the template particularly suitable?

BE.COME provides the ideal online presence for apartment hotels or small hotels.


The CLASSICO design has received a makeover. As the name suggests, it is a classic, timeless style. The user is introduced to the website by a large, full-width starting image. In this template, you can also use the header from our SQUARE design.

front page of the CLASSICO template

Characteristic of this template is above all "boxed content", i.e. elements that do not run across the entire screen. Images and text are predominantly combined in a 50:50 ratio.

”boxed" elements in the CLASSICO template

For whom in particular is it suitable?

This website template is suitable for both individual and chain hotels.


Of course, all templates only form a basic framework, which is then tailored exactly to your hotel and filled with life. In addition to the classic website elements, you can also have us integrate a variety of external widgets such as review tools, social media walls or chatbots. 

Would you like a detailed consultation? Get in touch with us.