October 2, 2023
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The Rising Trend of Bleisure and What It Means for Hoteliers

The Rise of Bleisure

Bleisure is not just a fleeting trend. As the lines between work and leisure become increasingly blurred, especially in the age of remote work and digital nomadism, more and more business travellers are seizing the opportunity to inject a bit of fun into their work trips. After a series of meetings in a new city, why not extend the stay and explore what the place has to offer?

Factors like changing workforce demographics, technological advancements, and an increasing emphasis on work-life balance have catalysed the growth of Bleisure.

Implications for Hotels

  • Rethink Guest Services: Traditional business travellers have different needs than leisure travellers. But Bleisure travellers? They're a unique mix. Hoteliers might need to offer services that cater to both segments. Think workspace solutions, but also tour bookings.
  • Flexible Packages: Offering packages that allow guests to extend their business stay at discounted rates can be enticing. Perhaps throw in an exclusive city tour or a spa package for those who decide to turn their trip into a Bleisure stay.
  • Local Experiences: Bleisure travellers often seek local experiences. Collaborate with local businesses, artists, or tour guides to provide authentic experiences that these travellers crave.
  • Revamped Marketing Strategies: Tailor your marketing campaigns to highlight the dual benefits of staying at your hotel for both business and leisure purposes. Showcase not just the amenities but also the experiences.
  • Feedback & Personalisation: Understand the specific needs of Bleisure travellers through feedback. Personalised services, like custom itineraries or work-leisure balance offers, can be developed based on insights gathered.

Maximising the Bleisure Opportunity

For hoteliers, the rise of Bleisure presents a golden opportunity. Not only does it mean potential extended stays, but it also allows for the cross-selling of services. A guest might need a conference room during the day but could be interested in a city tour in the evening.

Furthermore, Bleisure travellers can serve as brand ambassadors. A positive Bleisure experience might lead them to choose the same hotel for a pure leisure trip in the future or recommend it within their professional network.

In Conclusion

The world of travel is dynamic, with trends like Bleisure transforming the landscape. For forward-thinking hoteliers, adapting to these changes is not just a necessity, but an opportunity. By understanding and catering to the unique needs of Bleisure travellers, hotels can carve a niche for themselves in this burgeoning segment, ensuring sustained growth and brand loyalty.

Keep up with the times, embrace Bleisure, and watch as your hotel becomes the go-to destination for the modern traveller!