April 15, 2021
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Are you ready for the reopening? Our guide will help you navigate a successful reopening after the lockdown!

#1 These are the market trends in 2021: domestic travel, individuality, safety & well-being.

Given the current conditions and the uncertain situation regarding travel options and regulations, a clear upswing in domestic tourism is expected. Preferences with regard to a specific travel duration have not yet been observed, so short vacations as well as longstays will probably be equally in demand.

Our tip: Demand will be high on national holidays and during school breaks (according to the target group and location). Make sure your hotel is directly bookable (online) to attract as many potential guests as possible.


Likewise, a trend away from package tours towards individual travel can be identified. Accordingly, travelers are more attracted to individual apartments and accommodations instead of the classic hotels to avoid crowds and to protect their own health. 

Our tip: Use your existing tools, such as your CRM system, to address potential guests directly and personally. This way, you strengthen customer loyalty, especially in times of social distancing. 

You should also focus on former guests. Approach them again in a targeted manner. They know your hotel and based on their previous experiences, are more likely to stay with you again. 


Due to the pandemic, the topics of well-being, health, safety and regionality are becoming increasingly important. 

Our tip: You can also use this development for your own benefit! A good hygiene concept meets the needs of potential guests and provides a decisive reason to book. Therefore, make your safety precautions clearly visible to all website visitors.

Take advantage of the current desire of travelers to "do something good for themselves" and offer additional benefits and services for your guests. Targeted communication messages aimed at the popular topics of health and well-being appeal to the target group; for example, "Strengthen your immune system now with our numerous wellness and sports offers."

#2 These are the demand trends in 2021: wellness, self-care, nature & health.

Even before the crisis, demand was strong in the areas of wellness, recreation and health. But especially now, these topics will become even more popular. For many people, the pandemic has created a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion. Therefore, there is an increased need for recreational vacations to recharge their batteries. At the same time, there is also a desire to experience an adventure again after weeks of limited recreational opportunities in the lockdown.

Our tip: Showcase the experience and relaxation opportunities around your hotel. In your customer communication, make specific reference to the existing longing for relaxation, which you can fulfill precisely with your offers. 

Are you a family hotel? For example, childcare or a special children's program can be highlighted. This offers parents a few hours of extra relaxation and time for offered wellness or excursion programs. 

#3 Preparation as factor

To ensure that you are visible to potential guests, you should increase your online presence on metasearches and search engines such as Google and Bing accordingly. And do so at the latest as soon as it is foreseeable that travel activities are possible again. 

Our tip: Use the maximum visibility on all channels. We recommend taking any paused campaigns live again or adding new formats. As always, be present where your target group is looking for you. It can also make sense to play out individual campaigns on a targeted regional basis. This way, you not only reach the right target group, but also save costs at the same time. 


In addition to the visibility of your hotel, the specific approach to users also plays an important role.  

Our tip: Use different communication channels and advertise them with sales-promoting messages. Create newsletter campaigns with attractive offers (e.g. "We're back", "Great reopening special"). Actively inform potential guests that you are back for them

With the possibility of direct exchange and high reach, social media is also suitable for sharing the latest offers and information with your followers. 

Regular customers are most pleased with a direct and personal approach. In this way, you strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of welcoming guests back to your establishment.


Another point that is obvious but unfortunately often neglected: the accuracy and timeliness of the information on your website

Our tip: As banal as it may seem - always keep your information on the website up to date. Based on our experience, we have to include this point here. 

Outdated or incorrect information may cause the potential guest to hesitate and book with the competition. Therefore, check regularly whether your website is up to date. Pay special attention to information about the Covid19 crisis, current regulations and hygiene measures. 


Finally, the decisive criterion that convinces the user to book is the combination of price and the applicable cancellation conditions

Our tip: First, identify high-booking periods within the season, such as school breaks or public vacations, as well as periods with lower demand (low season) and adjust your prices and conditions accordingly. 

You should also keep in mind the structure of your rates. It makes sense to offer different rate categories with different prices, depending on the degree of flexibility of the cancellation option, and to make their advantages clear to the booker. The following rule applies quite clearly: quality before quantity. There is no optimum number of rates. As a rule, however, it makes sense to offer at least three different categories. Make it (technically) as easy as possible for the user to book directly with you.


For a successful relaunch, you must consider a number of factors. Our guide can serve as an initial orientation for successful planning. In addition, there are of course other aspects that need to be considered and included in a differentiated manner depending on the type of hotel. 

However, profound preparation is everything. Develop strategies to make the most of the upcoming boom. With good planning, you will be able to react quickly and flexibly and thus fill your hotel with life again.

As an extra service for you we summarized all the tips in a checklist: