September 11, 2020
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Be visible where potential guests search: How to increase your profitability with Google Hotel Ads

But not only that: even when looking for the best and cheapest hotel, the most used search engine in the world enjoys great popularity - one more reason to consider this marketing channel. In our latest blog post you can find out everything about the successful product Google Hotel Ads and the new offshoot Promotions Ads. 

But what exactly is this marketing format about? 

If a user searches specifically for your hotel, the business entry of your hotel is displayed, including photos, address data as well as availability and a price comparison for the specified travel dates with a direct link to the booking page. This is actually Google Hotel Ads.

In fact, you benefit not only in the case of a specific search for your brand, but also in the case of a generic search by users, for example with the term "Hotel Berlin". In addition to the text ads, the hotel detail map immediately catches the eye and attracts a lot of attention due to its dominance in the upper field of the view. 

Here, selected hotels are suggested for the appropriate travel period including the price and an rating. If you now click on one of the displayed hotels, you will get to a hotel-specific page with availabilities, price comparison, booking function, guest opinions and the accommodation features.

Since February, hoteliers have yet another possibility to pick up the users thanks to Promoted Ads. This newer product of google allows to be even more visible to these generic searches. The Promoted Ads are the top positions in the ranking which are marked with the term "ad". If the user now clicks on the hotel, he or she is taken to a hotel-specific page on which further rates are shown with the appropriate website link.

The new offshoot: Google Promotion Ads

Is it really worthwhile to place such ads? 

Whether with the classical Google search or with maps - no one can get past the hotel ads. Thus you can attract the attention of a large number of users and lead them directly into your booking page via Google Hotel Ads or promoted links and turn them into your next hotel guests

The numbers of our customers speak for themselves: 

Three levers for successful direct sales: Google Hotel Ads, Google Ads and Promoted Ads

For a lasting increase of your direct sales, it is recommended to use all three marketing formats, since they influence each other significantly in the Google search results. Therefore the products should be coordinated and monitored. The adaptation and the support of the campaigns are therefore very extensive and require a certain know-how - resources that most hoteliers do not have. For this reason, it is recommended to have all three products managed by one provider in order to achieve the best results. 

As a certified Google Premium Partner, we have the necessary knowledge when it comes to how the campaigns work. With regular training courses and exchanges with Google, we can optimally manage your ads and increase your visibility and thus direct bookings in the long run. 

Keeping everything in view with an impressive reporting 

Of course, as with all other metasearch campaigns, you will have access to a complete reporting of your results from a clear overview in our myhotelshop portal. Thereby, we no longer provide you only with the classic KPI's, but with a range of additional information, which is used for an in-depth analysis of the results and the control of your campaigns: 

You would like more information about one of our Google products or you have further questions? Then simply send us a message to or call us at +49 (0) 341 392 816 751. We look forward to your message!