October 14, 2022
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Freiburg start-up Black F on the road to success with the support of Full Management

Freiburg start-up Black F on the road to success with the support of Full Management - congratulations to the opening of the second house!

Taking a gamble in the midst of the pandemic,Freiburg-based start-up Black F opened its first house in Freiburg in November 2020 with 138 so-called serviced flats. But the concept of "temporary living" struck a chord: at BlackF, guests get high-quality, technologically advanced fully equipped flats combined with great service and high hygiene standards. This was particularly well received by long-term guests and business travellers, and such was their success that only half a year later they achieved their target sales.Their second house will be opened in October, continuing the expanding course.

How the journey began

We accompanied Black F from the very beginning as a Full management client. As early as June 2020, we entered into an exchange with the hotel and, together with the communications agency Medirata (, we created a modern hotel website, which went live in October. In parallel, we created marketing campaigns on Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google Hotel Ads, Microsoft Ads and Google Ads. Through monthly analyses of the website's performance, we continued to optimize the website and the direction of the marketing campaigns and finally brought them to success. Special attention was paid to the target group of long-term guests, a special landing page on this topic was created, which we specifically promoted via Google Ads campaigns. In preparation for the opening of the second house, we are currently in the process of converting the existing website into a chain website. A new site will be created that will give the Black F brand the appropriate online presence and showcase the USPs of the two properties, allowing guests to choose what suits their needs. As further expansions are planned, we have already technically designed the new website in such a way that new houses can be easily integrated in the coming years.

What we achieved together

The hotel website was able to establish itself as a successful sales channel from the very beginning and reached a share of 43% of the total online turnover in 2021. The website also excelled in terms of profitability: we achieved a top value of 5.17% In addition, the attractive website and the marketing campaigns played an important part in attracting long-term guests to the hotel, who then contacted us by phone or email.

What's next

Just in time for the opening of the second home, the new website will go live and shortly after, the second house's marketing campaigns will begin. We will pay special attention to the Google Ads strategy, in which our goal is to design the website so that both short-term and long-term visitors can easily reserve the home that best meets their needs.