August 6, 2018
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Commission based meta search management has never been so easy

Let's take managing meta search to a new level. We all know that most meta searchers like trivago, tripadvisor and Google use Cost-per-Click as their base model to make business with hotels and OTA’s. We at myhotelshop embraced that models for years and still do. But hotels have constant struggles with CPC as it contains risk of losing money.

Therefor ewe decided to take it to a new level!

You as a hotel can set the maximum level of commission you are willing to spend in ourmeta search management tool and set a one-time budget (lets say 1000 EUR). We take over the CPC management with our new automated bidding tool. If your budget is spent and we are hitting your maximum commission or stay below, we automatically refill your budget with the same amount. If you exceed your commission level, the campaign automatically stops.


- You don’t want the costs to go beyond 20% (as you average OTA’s costs around that level too) – so set your maximumcommission level at 20%

- Now set your budget per meta search – lets say 1,000 EUR trivago, 1,000 EUR Googlehotelads and 750 EUR tripadvisor

- Start campaign

- Sit back and relax. Our bid management tool optimizes the campaign based on your credentials. No need to set any CPC’s or markets. We do this for you

- Example results

Trivago revenue at 6,000 EUR – therefore your costs (commission) at 16,6 %. =>budget refilled with 1,000 EUR, campaign keeps on running

Google Hotelads revenue at 10,000 EUR – costs at 10% => budget refilled with 1000EUR, campaign keeps on running

Tripadvisor at 3,000 EUR revenue – costs at 25% => budget stops – email reminder if you want to continue or not

Meta search management has never been so easy. You can watch your results 24/7 in our online reporting under your myhotelshop login. Your risk of losing money is limited to a minimum while your ROI is optimized to a maximum.

Important: the commission level you set is not what you pay. It is a maximum barrier. 25% of our hotels run at 10% or less. 60% ru nbetween 10-20% costs. On average hotels pay 10-15% less than what they pay to OTA’s!

Don’t mix it up with real commission basedmeta search management. Some providers run campaigns were you pay a fixed commission. We are strictly against these models as they turn out to providemore disadvantages for hotels:

- Scenario1: you pay a fixed commission of 17% but the real costs are at 10%. You lose 7%which the meta search management provider takes as a margin. So you pay too much!

- Scenario2: you pay a fixed commission of 17% but your results are on edge or above the 17%. In return the meta search provider will reduce your CPC to a minimum at the meta search (because in the end each meta search will charge a CPC to the respective provider). => Outcome: your ranking will drop, your visibility decrease and you will only get a minimum of your possible market share!


If you go live on a meta search it is important to get a maximum of your possible market share. If you leave the grounds to, there is no point in participating at all. Therefore you need to actively engage in the bidding auctions. This is what myhotelshop does for you. We do the complicated part and all you need to do is to give our machines and people the framework by setting your maximum commission acceptable and the maximum budget you are willing to spend in one round. That way you ensure you get the highest possible market share for the lowest possible cost.

Myhotelshop runs the meta search campaigns of over 1700 hotels across Europe. We focus on individual hotels and small chains and connect your website directly to placements like trivago, tripadvisor, Google adwords, Google Hotelads, Kayak,Swoodoo, Checkfelix and Momondo. We drive several million Euro revenues to hotel websites each month for significant lower costs than OTA commissions on transparent and measurable results.

Get in touch with us via email, telephone, whatsapp, skype or even mail if you wish and we are happy to give you more details.