Google Ads (formerly Adwords)

Let's start with Google Ads, probably the best-known advertising option on Google. The paid ads first appear classically in the standard search above the organic search results and are identified by the note "Ad".

Google Ads on the example of the Empire Riverside

In addition, the Google ads also appear in other places in the Google network and on non-search websites. The campaigns can be shown in the form of text, images, a combination of both or videos.

Google Ads thus offer versatile forms of design and can be supplemented by numerous extensions and add-ons to get even more out of your campaign and achieve maximum success for your investment. 

You have the option of managing Google Ads yourself. However, due to the high complexity, it is advisable to commission a specialised agency with the management of your campaigns. Expert knowledge and a not inconsiderable amount of time are necessary to optimally manage the campaigns.

Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is a subcategory of Google Ads (GA). One difference between the two placements is that, unlike classic Google Ads, Google Hotel Ads are not based on keywords. Furthermore, they do not appear in the standard search but on the hotel's Google My Business profile, on Google Travel and in Google Assistant.

Google Hotel Ads on the example of the Empire Riverside

In contrast to Google Ads, Google Hotel Ads also pulls a direct rate feed from your PMS, channel manager or booking engine. This rate feed is closely monitored by Google and is subject to strict accuracy and performance criteria. 

If you want to make your ad visible on GHA, you will benefit from working with myhotelshop: as a Google Premium Partner, our campaigns are always attributed the highest quality scores in Google's eyes.

A particular advantage of this type of placement is that guests only click on your ad when they have already done a lot of research and are about to decide to book your hotel. This results in very high conversion rates, which average over 4.5% - making GHA the hotel marketing channel with the highest conversion rate of all.

Basically, there are three types of Google Hotel Ads campaigns:

1. CPC - Cost per Click

  • highest performance
  • largest amount of work, but best return on investment

2. CPA - Cost per Acquisition

  • based on a fixed percentage of the booking value (commission) 
  • Google converts the value in the backend into CPC 
  • inflexible 
  • no optimisation
  • significantly less performance than CPC

3. PPS - Pay per Stay 

  • commission is only paid on realised bookings
  • poorest performance 
  • complicated booking reconciliation
  • lowest risk, but also lowest return
  • just as inflexible as CPA

With acquisition costs below 8%, Google Hotel Ads gives you impressive results. Currently, the average for 2021 hotels managed by myhotelshop is even only 6% worldwide, with a Return on AdSpend of 18 on average. This means that for every euro invested, you get back 18€ on average.

However, this requires quite a bit of work in terms of optimising your campaigns and adapting to the auction-based environment. Moreover, these results are only possible with CPC campaigns. 

For this reason, you should think about the support of an expert here. Myhotelshop is one of these experts, of which there are only a handful worldwide.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is another important tool in the Google portfolio for your hotel. Your GMB profile appears on the right-hand side of the standard search and makes relevant business and contact information quickly and easily accessible to interested users. This profile also appears on Google's travel platform as well as Maps and sends data to the Google Assistant.

Google My Business on the example of the Empire Riverside

It is a portal where Google collects all your relevant business data and provides it in the right format. Signing up for Google My Business is completely free. The communication tool offers you a comprehensive dashboard and acts as an easy-to-use interface to provide Google with all the important information about your hotel. 

Google My Business also has an integrated messaging platform that allows potential guests to submit enquiries to your hotel. In addition, guests can rate your hotel on your profile. And favourable reviews in turn attract new guests. Furthermore, you can complete your GMB account with photos and videos of your hotel and thus provide your future guests with first insights. 

Especially interesting is that not only the search volume for your profile is visible to you but you can also see where your search queries come from (e.g. map, direct search, keyword search). 

A well-maintained Google My Business account also has a significant impact on your credibility (from Google's perspective) and thus your ranking in organic search results.

As already mentioned above, Google Hotel Ads also appear on the GMB profile. If you have not yet placed a direct campaign via Google Hotel Ads, you will only see offers from the OTAs for your hotel here. To prevent this and to gain more independence from the online travel platforms, it is advisable to set up a direct link in the booking engine of your own website and thus sustainably expand your direct sales.


In the first part of our series, we introduced you to some of the most popular products. But Google Ads, Hotel Ads and MyBusiness are only a small part of the possibilities that the search engine offers. 

The world of Google is quite complex. However, we can promise you: the effort is worth it. Correctly coordinated and managed, the interaction of Google tools offers a decisive added value for your internet presence. 

Don't miss out on the reach of the world's largest search engine. We are happy to support you in setting up and optimising the various products. In the second part of our Google series, we will present further valuable tools and products.