August 27, 2019
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Increase your occupancy in the short term with our Campaign Management.

Most of the hotels are repeatedly challenged to increase their occupancy during periods with lower bookings – We show you how the WONNEMAR Resort-Hotel managed to do just that.

One way to do this are the special offers via and Co., but there is one major hitch: like with all OTA bookings, these types of bookings are not generated via hotel’s own website. One alternative would be a so-called push-platform like Urlaubspiraten. Placing your offer on this site will draw the visitor directly to a booking on your website.

There are no standard texts on Urlaubspiraten but instead only customized texts in order to highlight the USPs. Furthermore, every deal on the first day of its publication gets a prominent place on the blog on the starting page of Urlaubspiraten.

The WONNEMAR Resort-Hotel, managed by our Campaign Management Team, wanted to profit from this in particular. The 4-star hotel is located in Wismar at the Baltic Sea and offers Adventure and Wellness vacation for the whole family. A sauna & thermal bath area in particular are of high interest to the guests.

‍The offer

The goal was to promote an arrangement for a travel-friendly target group on a short term. Urlaubspiraten is the right choice. With 8 million website requests per month this portal obtains a wide range. The users of Urlaubspiraten are explicitly interested in travels as well as hotels and are constantly looking for the best deals.

Within the time frame of the 23.04. to 23.05. the following offer was placed for the WONNEMAR Resort-Hotel on‍

“This is where wellness dream come true” - a three-day relaxation break including the usage of the wellness oasis “Wonnemar”


‍The result

This offer on Urlaubspiraten significantly increased the hotel website’s traffic. The requests of the hotel website including the booking engine were increased by 18%.

The revenue was also positively affected by this action. There was an increase in sales by 13% in comparison the previous months. Thereby the revenue correlates with a ROI of 10 of the generated bookings of the arrangement, meaning the campaign generated a revenue tenfold of the invested budget. 

Stephan Distel, Head of Marketing & Sales InterSPA Gruppe, was very satisfied with the result: „We were able to realize a successful direct campaign with the experts of myhotelshop. The short-term booking behaviour of guests doesn’t only request flexibility on-site but also when it comes to campaign management. The company myhotelshop has shown that they are the right partner for this!”

If you want to increase your occupancy via Urlaubspiraten or you are interested for other possibilities to increase your direct bookings  then feel free to call us any time on 0341 / 392 816 751 or write us an e-mail to – we will gladly consult you!