March 30, 2020
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Letter from CEO Ullrich Kastner

Dear friends, dear customers,

times are hard - hard as never before. No need to repeat the bad news we hear every day. There is only one goal for all of us:

Keep liquidity, survive and be ready when business picks up again

This is how we look at things at myhotelshop right now. We have an amazing team of dedicated people. I don’t know how many times I had tears in my eyes over the last days, talking and writing with them, seeing how committed they are to their work and to what they try to accomplish every day. In the end they are just as scared as you might be. But there is one thing that keeps us moving - PURPOSE.

We are a company that works on variable costs. Great in high times - bad in low times. Together we have to make it work. We have always seen ourselves as partners - maybe even as an external employee of yours. I spoke to many of you personally in the last days and discussed different solutions to work through the situation together. We are thinking about the day after these terrible turns and want to be ready for when business picks up.

Let us think - “how can we turn this crisis into an opportunity!”

As demand decreases and hotels close around the world, you may think myhotelshop does unpaid leave and watches netflix all day but our teams decided to do the opposite. Our entire company is working remotely and has been fully operational since day 1 of the crisis. The teams have daily standup meetings, we do all-hands presentations 3 times a week, team members are doing virtual lunches, we have a slack channel dedicated to sharing good music and online sports classes taught by an employee of the company. But most important - we are in touch with you every day if necessary!

Regarding the work, our IT and Product teams are focusing even more on delivering amazing features and took on the challenge to even add a few ideas to the backlog. Because there will be no better way to rise from this than with an even better product than before.

And we are willing to invest for you - for existing and new clients we will push setup fees backwards for any new product you launch, so it will not impact your liquidity. Don’t let us stand still - get ready for tomorrow!

Our account management team will offer several online trainings for you over the next weeks, like Google Analytics and Content best practices to name just two. We want you and us to be ready for day x, when business picks up again, so we will develop strategic plans with each client 1 on 1 if necessary.

Our commercial teams are preparing quality online content to populate our blog and share knowledge with our entire network in ways we've never done before.

Let’s move together during this time. It is the only way. Together, we can make it happen!

Ulli Kastner