October 24, 2023
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The Dual Faces of Trade Shows: From Global Expos to Intimate Gatherings

With November just around the corner, our team is gearing up for two significant events in the hotel digital marketing landscape. Keeping abreast of industry trends, technologies, and strategies has never been more essential. That's why trade shows like the international behemoth, World Travel Market (WTM) in London, and the cosier, local-focused Hotelcamp in Hohenkammer, Germany are on our radar.

But what's the difference between navigating a global expo and immersing oneself in a regional gathering? To delve deeper into this, we touched base with our colleagues who are no strangers to both events. They share invaluable insights on the contrasting vibes and unique opportunities each event offers. Here's a sneak peek from our Sales Director, Nicole Pierro, recounting her WTM journey:

What were the challenges in navigating such a massive event as the WTM, and how did you overcome them?

WTM is THE event of the year in tourism and travel; you don’t want to miss it!

Yes; it’s massive (>30k attendees and 5k exhibitors!), and you might feel lost once inside, but have no fear! With the right mindset and advanced preparation you will not feel overwhelmed at all.
Here’s what we generally do: 

  • Define internal strategy & objectives, know your purpose!
  • Explore the exhibitor area on WTM website
  • Have a close look at the attendees list (you don't want to miss an opportunity!) & engage before the event starts
  • Book appointments a month in advance, preparation is key for success
    An appointment scheduler is shared within our team, so that our guests/partners/potential clients are  attended on time, at the fair.
  •  “Know your neighbour”, who are we gonna share the area with? 
  • During the event, don’t forget to take some breaks! Take the time to rest & socialise

Meanwhile, in Germany, Our colleague Judith Nußbaum talks to us about her experience in the regional event Hotelcamp:

How does attending events like Hotelcamp help refine our strategies for local or regional clients? 

Getting to know their needs, problems they are facing now and how they react to it. Finding out how myhotelshop might be able to help them.

How does attending smaller events like Hotelcamp strengthen community bonds or forge lasting professional relationships? 

Within smaller events it is easier to get into deeper talks with hoteliers and or (potential) partners. Partner Management and meeting them in person always helps to strengthen relationships. It is more personal than attending big events. More family style.

After the digitalisation of events post pandemic, how do you think attending these live events strengthens Myhotelshop's value proposition to its clients? 

Sharing experiences. Showing a face and an interest in the industry. And lower churn because of building up personal relationships!

In conclusion, the firsthand experiences of our colleagues highlight the depth and diversity of the trade show landscape. From the vast reach of WTM to the warm, community-driven atmosphere of Hotelcamp, each event presents its own set of learning curves and invaluable opportunities. As the world of hotel digital marketing continually evolves, both large-scale expositions and more intimate gatherings play pivotal roles in moulding our perspective, strategies, and professional bonds. If you're attending either or both of these fantastic events, we're eager to connect.

Swing by our booths at WTM and meet us at Hotelcamp – we're looking forward to seeing you there!