Based on your wishes and the new requirements, we have modified our old booking widget and improved it in terms of usability and design. 

New features for more direct bookings: 

#Update1: Optimisation of data transfer
With the new widget it is now possible to transmit to the booking engine information about children occupancy with the amount and their age. 

#Update2: New booking options for room occupancy
You would like to offer your guests the possibility to book several rooms with different occupancy? No problem for our new booking widget! 

#Update3: Selecting arrival and departure times is now even easier than before
Users can now pick their arrival and departure times within one field, making the booking process even faster and more convenient for your guests.

#Update4: Showcase your offer even more prominently 
You can place additional content on the homepage for the optimal complete overview of your guests via appropriate tabs within the booking widget, in order to convince users to book, for example through attractive offers. 

Use the tabs and associated links to emphasise your hotel highlights even more or trigger an additional impulse with respective booking prompts, such as "book direct and save 5%" or "best price guarantee". 

If you offer different language versions of your website, the tabs and associated links can of course be adapted respectively.

#Update5: Personalisation according to your corporate design
The new widget allows you to adapt colours and fonts to your website. In addition, you have the option to use tabs. These are freely selectable (3-5 incl. booking option) and offer an individual design of the labels and texts so that you can address your target group even more specifically. Of course, the booking widget can also be implemented without tabs - depending on your preferences.

#Update6: Design and usability improvements for ultimate attention 
With appealing icons and a bigger field, the booking widget looks even more prominent. You have the choice of placing the widget either at the top or bottom of your screen. 

By enlarging the field size, our booking widget is even more present than its forerunner. In addition, icons provide a stronger focus and a more visual appeal to your guests. For example, an arrow can be used to guide the eye specifically to the booking button and encourage the user to click. Despite the appropriate attention and size, however, the desired simplicity in design is maintained, regardless of whether it is an individual hotel or a chain. 

Have a look and get a first impression from our customers who already benefit from the optimised booking widget, such as Rufi's Hotel & Serviced Apartments Innsbruck or Jaumann's Hotel.

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