June 11, 2019
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New Marketing Possibilities with Google Ads & Hotel Ads

Google Ads versus Google Hotel Ads

Google Ads still dominate the setup of results on Google. This applies especially when customers search for a specific hotel name e.g. in combination with a location („east Hotel Hamburg“). The classic setup is: Google Ads appear at the top, underneath the organic SEO influenceable search results and the Google Business entry of the hotel on the right side. These get created by oneself with pictures etc. Furthermore it subsists on customer reviews which apart from prices is eminently visible.

Our results show that with hotels who are live with Google Ads as well as Hotel Ads most users searching for a hotel name still click on the top left Google Ads part.


But what happens with unspecific searches like „Hotel Hamburg“ or„Wellnesshotel“?

Google Ads is of great importance when it comes to generic search terms.The big OTAs who invest a lot and therefore take up the limited spots appear first. But there is a chance to create some movement in this picture with creating your own website.

So why not try it out and see what happens: Type in the keyword „Hotel Hamburg“ and immediately a framed box appears which shows one suggestions for a possible travel period and selected hotels incl. room prices and reviews and two Google Map with room prices of all available hotels in Hamburg. If you click on one of the portrayed hotels on the left side of the box then you are forwarded to a hotel specific page with availabilities, price comparison, booking options, guest reviews and amenities.


Can I compete here with the big OTAs?

So far the OTAs have been dominating when searching for a generic term as„Hotel Hamburg“. Two intermediate steps, the click on Maps and then on the hotel, significantly generate more traffic than keywords who have been reserved by the OTAs. This is where Google created the possibility for hotels to advertise in an area that previously had been too expensive and contained a poor ROI.

How can I profit from these new features?

In order for you to profit from these possibilities one important central technical condition is required: Your booking engine or your Channel Manager has to be compatible with Google Hotel Ads. Furthermore you require a provider like myhotelshop who facilitates the management of campaigns. As for now you as a hotel don’t have the possibility to manage Hotel Ads in a Google account.However Google Ads, the classic keyword placement, can be managed by yourself or with the help of an agency.


Google Ads and Hotel Ads from one provider: myhotelshop makes it possible

Google Hotel Ads can be realized by one distributions provider – or you immediately work with myhotelshop. We are most likely the sole German company which can currently manage Google Ads and Hotel Ads all in one. Herein lies the key to success as both products influence the display of the search results.Ideally both shouldn’t oppose each other and instead should be used combined.If you want to increase the visibility of your hotel with Google Ads and Hotel Ads then it’s important to understand how both products work and interact.


Online seminar of myhotelshop: understand and use the Google business model

Repeatedly one encounters the discussion of cost-per-click model (CPC)versus the commission model. Ulli Kastner depicts in our online seminar why the commission model provided by Google is in its essence also a CPC model. We additionally take a look at Book on Google – another new feature guiding the customer to a booking closure directly on Google.

If we can support you with marketing your hotel on Google, please feel free to contact us anytime.