March 19, 2024
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Success Story: Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth


Set in the picturesque Swiss countryside, the Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth, with its 28-room charm and gourmet restaurant, offers guests a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort. Despite its very successful SEA and meta-search campaigns, the hotel had yet to venture into the realm of paid social media.


The Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth had a well-established online presence but was missing out on the vast potential of paid social media to reach a wider audience and drive direct bookings.


Josephine and the MHS team sprang into action, crafting bespoke paid social media campaigns for Instagram and Facebook that showcased the hotel's allure. The most suitable packages were selected for the respective social media channels. The focus was primarily on seasonal offers. For example, we advertised spring specials or e-bike packages for the summer. Particular attention was paid to the booking conditions in order to guarantee potential guests maximum flexibility.

We used high-quality photos to stand out visually on the social media platforms. Direct links led to the landing pages of the offers. 

Customised targeting settings such as target group and region were defined for the social media channels so that the offers are displayed to the right target audience at exactly the right time.


The results of the first twelve months were nothing short of remarkable:

  • 87 bookings were made through the campaigns.
  • With a budget of 8,360€ (an average of 700€ per month), the hotel generated revenue totalling 42,820€.  These numbers are quite impressive considering the hotel has only 28 rooms.
  • In terms of direct revenue, paid social media has ascended to become the hotel's second-best performing channel, outperforming meta-search and trailing only behind Google Ads.
  • Branding effects: by constantly showing the ads to the hotel's target audience, the hotel remains in the forefront of potential customers' minds
  • Through paid social ads, the hotel was able to push specific offers and content into the market and stimulate demand in a proactive manner. 

Future Plans

After just one year, paid social media has established itself as an important pillar of the hotel's direct booking strategy. Following Google Ads, the campaigns generate the second-highest revenue. Buoyed by the success, Josephine and the hotel plan to continue their fruitful partnership, applying insights gained from the first year to refine and enhance future campaigns.

We are proud to have the Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth as one of our customers and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Learn more about Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth's historic charm and modern amenities at their homepage: