February 26, 2024
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The benefits of SEA campaigns for big events

Major events not only create anticipation among visitors, but should also be a reason for you as a hotelier to be excited. After all, events such as a music festival, an international sporting event or a major trade fair are huge visitor magnets. You should take advantage of this opportunity. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is particularly helpful here. With adverts on Google or Bing, you can make potential guests aware of your hotel at an early stage. We will show you the best way to do this using a current example - the UEFA European Football Championship 2024.

Even if summer still seems a long way off with the current temperatures, it is already important to make preparations for the start of the European Championship tournament in June. So how can you make sure you get the most out of this exciting time for your hotel with Google Ads & Microsoft Ads? Tailored campaigns not only offer the perfect opportunity to maximise your bookings during the tournament, but also to attract new, international guests.

1. target group: city hotels and hotels near stadiums

The campaigns are aimed specifically at city hotels and accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the stadiums that will be used for Euro 2024. The aim is to appeal to both national and international guests and ultimately increase your booking figures.

2. campaign period: start now!

The European Football Championship 2024 will take place from 14 June to 14 July. To ensure maximum visibility and encourage early bookings, the campaigns will start well in advance. This is the only way to achieve the best capacity utilisation.

3. your advantages with our campaigns

Multilingual advertising: Attract international guests by ensuring that your website is available at least in English. Other languages are welcome.  Our strategies are designed to increase your visibility and position your accommodation as an attractive choice for guests from all over the world.

Targeted country campaigns: We place adverts in countries where matches are taking place. Example: Match in Düsseldorf between France and Austria - we place adverts for your hotel in France and Austria.

4. keywords: perfect adverts for optimum visibility

Choosing the right keywords is crucial. Here are some examples for Düsseldorf:

Hotel near Merkur Spiel Arena

Hotel stadium Düsseldorf

Hotel football stadium Düsseldorf

Hotel EM 2024 Düsseldorf

Accommodation EM 2024 Dusseldorf

Overnight stay EM 2024 Dusseldorf

Experience has shown that these generic campaigns generate a high level of traffic. A conversion rate of 1-2% can be expected. However, various factors play a role, such as the size of the respective city or the popularity of the game (preliminary round versus quarter-finals, etc.). However, the campaigns are not only about siphoning off the increased demand in the short term, but also about retaining guests in the long term. A well thought-out strategy tailored to the hotel is essential.

The strategy presented is by no means limited to football events. Similar campaigns can be used successfully for any type of major event. Not yet visible with Google and Microsoft Ads? Get in touch with us. We'll change that for you in no time at all so that you too can benefit from the flow of visitors.