September 22, 2023
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Unlock Direct Revenue with Bing Hotel Ads

We are one of the first and few German agencies offering hoteliers the opportunity to run metasearch campaigns on the 2nd most popular search engine in the world!  Bing (owned by Microsoft) allows hoteliers to display real-time rates and availability alongside other distribution channels e.g. OTAs that are already bidding on their brand.

What does it mean for you?

In the US, Canada, UK, and the rest of Europe, Bing hotel ads are an integral part of a marketing strategy. By diversifying marketing efforts outside of Google, your hotel can now reach 66 million people who don't use Google, allowing you to reach a larger audience.-

Additionally, Gen X, who has now one of the greatest purchasing powers, comprises the majority of Bing users. And because there are fewer competitors on the search engine, CPCs are generally lower. 

Where will the Ads be displayed?

1. Microsoft Business Profile: This profile is maybe already existing, but should be claimed by the company. When users search for the brand name this will appear on the right side. It includes accurate price:

2. Bing Travel Hub - Take your potential guests straight to your website

  3. Bing Maps - When guests look for your hotel's name, they'll find it!

What are the expected campaign results?

The expected traffic is 10-15% of the traffic a hotel generates on Google. It depends on several factors, including location, brand awareness, etc.

With higher purchasing power and lower CPCs, shopping baskets tend to be higher than on other channels, and the return on investment is higher.


Regardless of whether you activate a Bing Hotel Ad campaign, your hotel's profile will still appear on Bing Search. Only the hotel's website will not be linked, so the user will have to book through an OTA.

We have no doubt that Bing Hotel Ads will be a key player in driving direct bookings to you. If you would like to connect to Bing Hotel ads simply contact your personal Account Manager at myhotelshop and they will be happy to get you connected to the new placement.