January 10, 2024
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What opportunities does Google offer for your hotel

Millions of people start their hotel search on Google every day. To be present where potential guests are actually planning their trip, the world's largest search engine is essential. We take a look at the various digital solutions - both free and paid - that Google offers for more online visibility and higher booking numbers.

1. Google Ads for boosting direct bookings

Google Ads

Google Ads offer hotels a good opportunity to increase visibility and target an already interested audience. The paid adverts are displayed in various places in the Google ecosystem. Traditionally, they appear above the organic search results and are labelled "Sponsored". 

Google Ads works with a pay-per-click model (PPC). This means that advertisers only pay when users click on the adverts. This cost-effective structure allows hotels to set a budget that is in line with their financial goals. It can also be flexibly adjusted at any time. Different ad formats allow you to test the optimal ad format to achieve the best possible campaign performance. By targeting specific demographics, locations and interests, hotels can reach potential guests who are actively looking for accommodation.

Performance Max 

Performance Max (campaigns for maximum performance) is a new campaign type that allows you to access the entire Google Ads inventory via one campaign. This means that all existing campaign types can be integrated into a single campaign. Performance Max complements keyword-based search campaigns with the goal of realising more conversions. They are geared towards the advertiser's target intentions in order to maximise results. Google analyses the data of the relevant target group in order to display the ads at exactly the right time on Google channels such as Search, Maps, Shopping, YouTube, etc. Smart bidding optimises the budget and bids in real time. Targeted marketing can significantly increase the success of a campaign.

In general, you can manage Google Ads yourself. Due to the complexity and the considerable amount of time involved, it is advisable to entrust a specialised agency with the campaign management. myhotelshop will be happy to advise you on this.

Google Hotel Ads

With hotel campaigns (Google Hotel Ads), room rates and availability can be displayed prominently in Google searches. Your hotel offers appear in the price comparison of the Google Business profile alongside those of online travel agencies. In addition to prices and the link to the hotel booking, this separate booking module also displays photos of the hotel and features. It is therefore an excellent way of generating direct bookings. The order of the price comparison is based on an auction model. Each participant also has the choice between different billing options: a commission model or cost-per-click. This allows each hotel to find the right solution for itself. Success indicators such as click-through rate, conversion rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) provide information on the success of your campaign. 

Not yet online with hotel campaigns? Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to generate direct bookings and get in touch with us.

2. Build visibility with these free services

Google Business

The free company profile on Google offers the opportunity to create a good first impression when potential guests come across your hotel in Google Search or on Google Maps. The entry can be customised with photos, contact information or articles. It can also be used to reply to reviews and send direct messages.

The statistics section of the company profile provides information about the search terms with which you are found by users, as well as interaction figures such as calls, reviews or reservations. 

Google Maps

As an online map service, Google Maps is closely linked to Google Business. This profile is a prerequisite for users to find your hotel on Google Maps. 

Maps is one of the most widely used mapping and navigation tools in the world. The correct localisation of your hotel also ensures that guests can easily find their way to your hotel and is therefore an important building block for a successful stay.

The integration of Google Maps on the hotel website is an advantage. This gives potential guests a direct impression of where the hotel is located and how it is connected. Attention - the integration of a Google Maps map can cause costs as well as be relevant under data protection law. It is best to contact your data protection officer in advance and find out about the costs.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews provides a platform for hotel guests to share their experiences. The reviews are prominently placed on Google and are one of the first things that users see when searching for your hotel. This makes them all the more essential for your hotel's online reputation. After all, reviews have long been an integral part of the decision-making process for travellers. Positive reviews are great for attracting new guests. And in the case of negative feedback, this is also valuable for you to further improve the guest experience. 

3. Google Analytics for analysing performance

Google offers a powerful option to track the performance of your website. Once set up correctly, Analytics provides a vast amount of data on user behaviour. This allows conclusions to be drawn quickly in order to increase the usability of the website and ultimately also the conversions. Analytics gives you an indication of which areas of your website are of particular interest to users or where you might need to make improvements.

Nowadays, it is essential to utilise every resource in order to stay ahead of the competition. Google offers a wide range of services for hotels: from an improved data basis to advertising opportunities with ads and interactions with potential guests. By strategically utilising these tools, you can take a big step towards improving your online presence, attracting more guests and creating the conditions for sustainable success. We will of course be happy to assist you with everything, feel free to contact us.