July 3, 2022
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Why the quality of your website is so important for your hotel

In addition, many customers now use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A responsive design that automatically adjusts the image size to the device is also of great importance. Furthermore, your site should be clearly arranged, its content tailored to the target group and, last but not least, it should have an appealing design... Does this all sound like a lot of hard work? Maybe it’s all Greek to you? We’d be glad to help!

You’ll be more successful with a team of experts

Our website service team has the necessary general knowledge about user experience and user interfaces, the market-related knowledge specific to the hotel industry, and understands how users behave and what they need. Most hotels have little or no expertise in these areas. In addition, we are constantly expanding our own knowledge in all areas involving websites (usability, SEO, state-of-the-art design, etc.) and we regularly optimize our website templates on this basis. 

Since we take care of the complete service up to the finished website, we can free up your time, which you can then put to other use. If something is wrong with your website, you won’t need to worry about a thing: simply contact us directly and we will take care of it.

The key: Our booking widget

The heart of a hotel website is the booking widget, or the “book” button.

A hotel’s website is its business card, and first impressions count. If a potential customer is interested, then they should be able to book directly through your website, which means that it should be designed in such a way that booking requests are redirected straight to your booking engine. Our team will build your site with this requirement in mind and we offer you a brilliant booking widget which places a strong focus on direct bookings through your website.

Our booking widget:

  • Customizable to your corporate design
  • Suitable for individual and chain hotels
  • Multiple rooms can be configured
  • Visible on any device
  • Transfers all parameters to your booking engine
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • “Book” button permanently visible.
Example for our booking widget

As hotel industry experts, we know exactly what makes a hotel website successful. We will optimize and develop your online presence to ensure the best possible booking experience for users and even stronger conversions for you.

We offer an all-round service and will work hand in hand with you until your hotel website is ready to go live. This service is part of our full management package, but can also be booked as a stand-alone solution. 

Our Full Management service package

The complete package with the perfect online strategy for your hotel is called Full Management. You get your dedicated contact person who will work closely with you to identify how best to position your hotel. We will make sure that your website is connected to the major price comparison platforms and performs successfully on metasearch engines and Google. And the special thing about Full Management: we will take care of optimizing your website or even create a new website for you, because we know what makes a hotel website successful. You can choose from the following two packages:

The Basic website package

The Basic website package contains up to 25 subpages. This uses elements from our templates. We adopt the content and structure of your current website, and the menu structure can be changed. The package includes two feedback rounds with our team. The Basic website package is suitable for smaller hotels, such as city or aparthotels, and for hotels that already have a good and well-structured website. This package is also the right one for customers who have a very precise idea of how their website should look.

The Premium website package

Due to customer requests and requirements, we have further developed our Basic website package and now also offer a Premium website package. This includes up to 35 subpages, with the option to customize the individual templates, for example by adding new design options. Furthermore, our Premium website package includes an analysis of the content and structure of your old website and the creation of a new structure, for example by splitting or merging pages. This means it is possible to completely reorganise content. The package includes a total of three feedback rounds.

We recommend the Premium website package to larger hotels and hotel chains, but also to hotels that do not yet have a website or whose website is not quite up to standard. And, of course, to clients who want to have a new and attractive website but do not know how to do this themselves. The advantages of the Premium website package: you get a design and usability consultation and we will optimize how your content is presented. What’s more, it is possible to adapt our designs further based on your individual needs.

Are you keen to launch a new website but unsure which package is right for your hotel? Please contact us through the form below - we will be happy to advise you.