February 19, 2020
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Part III: The most common errors on metasearch - these points must be considered!

What does the CPC (Cost-per-Click) really influence? And what other factors need to be considered when assessing the performance of a campaign? In our last part of the series "The most common errors on Metasearch" we provide you with the answers and show you what really matters in metasearch ads!

Error #7 - Too few availabilities

Placing metasearch ads only make sense if you can offer enough available rooms. If there are no more availabilities, your ads will not be displayed and you leave the space and thus the booking to another provider.

The principle is simple: the more availabilities you send to your sales channels, the more traffic and consequently more bookings can be generated by your campaigns.

Error #8 - Outdated and inappropriate content on the channels

When setting up a metasearch campaign, care is taken at the beginning to fill the channel with as up-to-date content as possible. Over time, however, comparatively little importance is often given to this task and accordingly neglected. Content maintenance is unavoidable and the basis for a successful campaign.

The recency and quality of the content on the various channels play a major role in the metasearch ranking. The worse the content, the further back the ad is listed. And not without reason: Users prefer to click on ads with beautiful images and complete and above all up-to-date information.

So always make sure that your metasearch profile is up to date and that the information is also of high quality and above all suitable for presenting your company in the best possible way.

Error #9 - Choose the right channels

You think every metasearch channel works the same and is suitable for your goals? Wrong! Therefore, you should research exactly which channels are best suited for your goals and target groups.

The metasearch market is enormously dynamic. It is therefore inevitable to follow its development and to adapt your own marketing measures accordingly and, if necessary, to use new channels.

Error #10 - Limited monthly budget

This factor focuses on budget management. In most cases, the budget for the coming year is determined before the end of the year and in some cases already distributed among the individual campaigns. But those who set a monthly cost maximum often prevent the chance of increasing sales.


There are some mistakes in the area of metasearch management. The list is far from complete and infinitely expandable. The basic problem, however, is the lack of know-how due to limited capacities, whether in terms of personnel or time. Take advantage of this opportunity and rely on experts who will work with you to pursue your goals and steer the campaign to success.