December 21, 2023
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The need of paid social media for hotels

Social media platforms connect billions of people. Starting as communication tools, nowadays, they are also powerful marketing channels. 

But these days, more is needed than to rely on organic content. The latest algorithm updates and changing user habits have transformed the reach of posts, stories, and accounts into a highly competitive asset. Therefore, it has become essential for hotels to allocate a share of their social media budget to paid advertising if they want to be successful on social media. Let's dive in and uncover the critical reasons behind paid social media campaigns. 

Enhancing visibility and brand awareness

From a marketing point of view, these platforms have provided hotels with a perfect stage to promote their services. They present a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience and creating brand awareness. 

Unfortunately, organic posts can only reach a certain percentage of your followers and people who follow your hashtags. To expand your reach and present your content to new potential guests in a targeted manner, you must run paid campaigns. Campaigns designed with attractive images and storytelling appear seamlessly in the social media experience and attract attention.

Precise targeting

The great thing about social media platforms is that they offer detailed targeting options, including demographics, location, interests, behaviours, and more. This targeting enables you to tailor your advertising campaigns with personalised content that resonates with your guest's preferences. 

For instance, you can target users with personalised ads who have shown interest in travel or those who have visited your website before.

Convert prospects into guests 

In contrast to organic posts, paid ads can increase reach and address potential new guests quickly and efficiently. This can be particularly beneficial when promoting special offers, package deals or limited-time offers. 

So, it's an excellent opportunity to encourage guests to book on the hotel website rather than through OTAs or other online booking services.

Finding your social media advertising platform

Identifying where your potential customers are most likely to find is critical. Generally speaking, Facebook or Instagram are universally popular and suitable for leisure travel. LinkedIn is an exciting business platform for promoting business hotels or conference venues. 

Visual content like images, videos, or virtual tours of your hotel often perform best. Showcase unique selling points of your hotel, such as amenities like well-designed hotel rooms, delicious food, or a beautiful landscape and create high-quality content featuring special packages, events or guest testimonials. High-quality content is key.

Measuring results

It is essential to track the performance of your campaigns. The good news is that all social media platforms offer the opportunity to analyse your advertising efforts. As the variety of data may vary between social media channels, you always get a profound idea of how your campaigns perform. Different metrics enable you to refine your strategy to show the proper advertising at the right time to the right person. So you can use budgets efficiently and maximise your return on investment.

What this means for you

Social media platforms have vast user bases; whether you are a city hotel, depend primarily on conference guests or want to promote a special offer, the diverse social media landscape offers a wide range of options for every need. Advertising on these platforms allows hotels to expand their reach, boost brand awareness, and drive direct bookings. Hotels that do not take advantage of this opportunity risk losing potential guests. 

Therefore, make use of paid social media! Our team of experts will help you choose the right platform and create engaging ads to meet the needs of your target audience. Our targeted social media campaigns will leave an impression and turn potential guests into regulars.

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