February 21, 2019
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Ulli Kastner at the Hotel Linkage Summit: How to make the most of metasearch with Google

Ulli Kastner, CEO and founder of myhotelshop, is a highly demanded expert at events all around the globe. He was a guest at the Hotel Linkage Summit in Istanbul only recently.

At this event leading figures of the industry discuss the newest technologies, revenue management trends as well as direct booking strategies. Ulli Kastner was one of them and naturally discussed the topic meta search: "How Meta searches can help hotels to increase direct sales?"

He particularly focuses on Google and also discusses questions such as: Which possibilities arise for hotels using Google Hotel Ads? How does a placement effect a Google Ads campaign? And how do I use it as an advantage for my hotel?

If you want to see Ulli’s speech in its entirety then please click here: